4 Stunning Kathie Lee Gifford Quotes About God and Salvation

Image source: Instagram/Kathie Lee Gifford

Image source: Instagram/Kathie Lee Gifford

“TODAY” host Kathie Lee Gifford is an outspoken Christian who never wastes an opportunity to talk about her relationship with God.

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During a recent interview on “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” she delivered some powerful biblical lessons worth revisiting. Listen to my devotional about these quotes and read them for yourself:

Never Waste an Opportunity

“I remember [Megyn Kelly] said, ‘What makes you so bold?’ And I said, ‘If I had the cure for cancer, I knew what it was — would I ever withhold it from anybody, much less somebody who’s suffering from cancer? Never! I feel like I have the cure for the malignancy of the soul and he has a name — and it’s Jesus and I have to share when I’m given a chance. Because I don’t want people to not know the freedom they can have in Him.” -Kathie Lee Gifford

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We Look for Love in the Wrong Places

“We’re looking for love in all the wrong places aren’t we? Instead of the very source of love himself — the one who died so we could know love — true love.” -Kathie Lee Gifford

How to Pray Unceasingly 

“The Bible says to pray unceasingly. How do we do that? You make our life a prayer — that’s how. With every breath you breathe … it’s constant awareness of Him. It’s something that grows as you grow in your faith.” -Kathie Lee Gifford

Jesus Will Transform You (If You Let Him)

“He’s a personal God. He’s not this entity throwing thunderbolts at us. He wants to be invited into our lives. He wants to be welcomed into our hearts. He will transform us and love us beyond our wildest dreams.” -Kathie Lee Gifford

Listen to my full interview with Gifford below:

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