Dear Christian Parents: Here’s The Most Terrifying Thing in Our Post-Truth World

Dear Christian Parent:

We are increasingly living in a post-truth world, as morals and values slowly sink deeper and deeper into the abyss. A quick look at the news makes it more than clear: we’re headed for an ethical derailment, and most people seem completely oblivious to the erosion of sanity that has taken form.

For Christians, a number of worries have emerged, with questions coming along with a great many fears. Listen to me break it all down:

Among the pressing curiosities, you might wonder:

  • What will the future hold?

  • How much harder will it be in the future for my kids to hold onto their faith?

  • How do I handle the impending problems that could come when I try to balance faith and truth with cultural pressures?

  • What does the balance of truth and love look like in an ever-contentious and unfriendly culture?

These questions only scratch the surface of what many of us are thinking and feeling. But the reality is, no matter what happens: God has our backs. Sure, standing for truth might be difficult and painful — it might even spark some eye rolling, annoyance — or worse — from those who disagree.

But in the end, it’s truth that most matters, and we are called to embrace God (and reality). But are we answering that call?

Unfortunately, not all that well for many of us. In fact, it seems the biggest battle we face — the most terrifying element in our post-truth culture — isn’t what’s going on in society itself, but what’s happening inside of our own individual hearts: APATHY.

It is our failure to love God and abide by His truth that serves as the greatest threat not only to ourselves, but to our loved ones who come after us. Pause and think for a moment:

  • Are you buying into culture’s lies?

  • Are you taking cues from God or from the world around you?

  • Do you have a biblical worldview?

  • Are you twisting and bending on issues simply to appease the world around you?

Many of us are failing in these areas, and that matters deeply. If we are getting lazy and compromising, how can we expect our kids to get it right — especially considering that the pace of our moral downfall is just beginning to intensify.

Our kids are watching and listening and whatever we choose to live out and represent will paint their perception of what it means to be a Christian.  More importantly: our failure to live our faith out will misrepresent God and His love for creation.

That’s terrifying. And humbling. And it should spark us all to action — a concerted effort to think deeper about how we are living in this post-truth culture. If we are believing any of the lies or even letting them seep into our lives in the smallest of ways, then we’re becoming entrapped in spiritual quicksand.

Our kids are watching. Let’s think, pray and reflect on the ways in which we can bring our lives and wills more in line with Christ. And let’s start today.

 - Billy Hallowell 

Billy Hallowell