Love Your Enemies? The Babylon Bee Just Convicted Us All

The Bible calls us to love our enemies, but many of us fail miserably.

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This is particularly true when it comes to politics, as some Christians seem to assume that the biblical commandments that we treat others well and watch what comes out of our mouths are somehow supernaturally suspended when it comes to our ideological opponents.

Here’s why this massive error must be corrected:

Spoiler alert: God cares about what we’re saying and doing — and this includes our lack of compassion for those facing various plights.

After all, the world is watching. And the world is assessing what our faith looks like in practice. Are we measuring up? Chris Field of recently highlighted a Babylon Bee (spoof site, in case you’re still unaware) headline that points to these moments of hypocrisy. It read, “Christian Loves His Enemies, Also Wishes Swift Death Upon Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

Field offered up a masterful explanation of why we should be particularly concerned about our reactions to stories about Ginsburg (or whoever happens to be your ideological foe). He wrote:

The daily coarseness of the language and demeanor of many people who wear the label "Christian" is ... troubling. (I fully expect this point to be debated, blasted, ridiculed, and ripped apart by those who regularly engage in such behavior. A note to those folks: Bring it. Your defensiveness is telling.)

We do ourselves no favors when we sound like everyone else.

It's enough to keep the non-believer happy to be just where he is — kind, fair, sometimes faltering, but at least not hypocritical.

Read the rest of Field’s analysis here. Feeling convicted? Let’s be better.

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Billy Hallowell