6 ‘God’ Truths You Absolutely Need Today


There’s typically a message embedded deep in each and every mess we find ourselves in. Sometimes, we’ve created these messes — other times these messes have tragically found us.

Regardless of how our problems take form, we’re all in need of help and redemption.

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Unfortunately, our mistakes often have painful consequences, but with God’s love we can truly navigate, cope with and overcome anything. As I was sitting in church on Sunday, my pastor — Charlie Restivo — unleashed some timeless realities about Jesus and the nature of forgiveness that all of us need to hear:

It’s so easy in the Christian world to get bogged down with fear and to harbor secret struggles. Sometimes, we forget that God is ready and willing to forgive us. The following truths summarize some of the most important elements in Pastor Charlie’s message — realities I want to share with you today:

Jesus’ sacrifice is enough. We need to remember this. Pastor Charlie’s proclamation is a wonderful way to think deeper about the significance of the resurrection.

Seeing and knowing Jesus is essential. Without Christ, our baseline moves, our foundation can become fluid and our hearts are uncentered. As humans, we’re prone to focusing on a lot of wants and needs in this life, but the one sustaining force — the one thing we absolutely need for the here and now as well as for eternity — is right in front of us; we simply need to open our hearts.

We all fail. Unfortunately, too many of us get trapped in our mistakes and errors, but that’s not what God wants for our lives. What’s something that’s been eating away at you? Think deeply about this and remember: God wants better for you. Turn to him in prayer and ask for guidance.

There’s not much explanation needed here. We all make mistakes. We all need re-boots. We should strive to be better and to be like Christ, while also remembering that we can have a do-over if and when we fail.

Take a moment and ponder this statement: “The Bible is a book of second chances.” Not only is this monumentally true, but we should be spending our time reading that book and getting to know the many over-comer stories present within its pages.

What do you need to let go of today? From toxic relationships to past mistakes that are holding you back, perhaps there’s more than one thing you need to overcome. Stop. Pray. And ask God for guidance to help you move forward.

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