The ONLY Guarantee You Truly Have in This Life

We’ve all heard the timeless slogans — “There are no guarantees in life,” “We make plans and God laughs,” “Life gives you lemons and you make lemonade” — and the list goes on and on.

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The reality is, outside of our own definitive decisions, we have very little control over what happens to us. From curveballs to unforeseen circumstances, life can get pretty dicey.

That’s why faith is so essential. Listen to today’s podcast to hear how to navigate the chaos:

Rather than predicating our hopes and dreams on our own whims, God wants us to ceaselessly turn to Him. Proverbs 27:1 reminds us of the limitations we have: “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

We have no guarantees for tomorrow, which should, in itself, transform how we live today. The only guarantee we have is that God loves us, He’s with us and His will triumphs over all.

Unfortunately, remembering these realities can be tough, but Proverbs 27:1 is a good reminder that living for God is the best way to guarantee that we’re on the right path.

In the end, it’s all about what’s in our hearts. Are we letting God lead the way or are we consumed with self? Our lives almost always reveal that reality in stunning fashion, as Proverbs 27:19 proclaims, “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.”

Proverbs 27 also carries with it some other essential lessons worth consideration. In addition to relying on God in light of the uncertainty tomorrow brings, verse 17 reminds us that we can “sharpen” and help refine one another.

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The text reads: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This is a reminder to surround ourselves with others who love God and seek His will in their lives.

In this vein, we set ourselves up to help sharpen and refine one another.

Finally, Proverbs 27:2 leaves us with an important lesson in humility, encouraging us to avoid self-praise and to instead allow others to point out our positive attributes. It reads, “Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips.”

Let’s be better.

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