What's the 'Freefall'?

freefallThroughout my 15 years in media, I've been passionate about a variety of issues. Among them: faith and culture. Unfortunately, there aren't enough TV shows, radio programs and podcasts tackling complex issues for 20 and 30-somethings in fun, innovative and creative ways.

I'm looking to change that.

Let's face it: We need better content that entertains, inspires and addresses the real issues today's young adults face.

That's why TheBlaze TV's Raj Nair and I launched "Freefall," a weekly audio series/podcast that offers interviews with fascinating and intriguing individuals. It's fun, simple and provides a lens into the lives and worldviews of celebrities and faith leaders alike.

Since I haven't really addressed the show yet in detail, I wanted to pen a brief blog post here to let you all know why we're doing it (you've likely seen me tweeting and Facebooking about it and some of you have voiced your curiosity).

Each episode is between 10 and 20 minutes. And so far, we've tackled some fascinating subjects: pornography, rap, negative influences in media -- and plenty more.

Below, I've embedded the first three episodes for you to check out. I will continue to post them as we go:


Our Interview With Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child


Our Chat With Former Miss America Kirsten Haglund


Rapper KB Talks About Christianity and the Music Industry