Cap-n-Trade, Wisconsin & Plenty More

Melissa Clouthier is publishing a daily (and highly useful) recap of news and political happenings.  I'll be publishing it here each day and encouraging you all to follow Melissa on Twitter.  Check out today's headlines and info (brought to you by Melissa!) below:






Hello fellow sensible people,

Wisconsin is still not decided. A couple thoughts: 1) How could the GOP not get the vote out better? 2) When it's this close do you ever question who will win? Yeah, me neither. Also, the Democrat-controlled Senate, along with Republican Susan Collins rejected a GOP amendment that would have stopped the EPA from trying to end-around failed Cap-n-Trade legislation. Obama bureaucracies are doing work the legislators are refusing to do. All in all, a crappy political day.


  • Contemplating judicial partisanship.
  • Energy costs are harming the poor most of all.
  • D.C. is nigh unto a full conniption considering aShutdown. This irritates me. They've had 4% unemployment on the back of the taxpayer when some states have unemployment rates up to 25% in some sectors. A week without pay? I know, horrors. How does it feel? It feels tense. I know this, see, because I'm a small business person and when we go on vacation for a week, guess who doesn't get paid? I have a difficult time feeling sorry. Also, take away the pay of Congress, while you're at it.
  • Boehner got a full three minutes on the phone with the President today. Lucky him! Tonight, Reid and Boehner are meeting the Prez in the Oval office for a chit-chat to stop the potential shutdown.

Before I get more irritated, I'll just give some links to helpful and/or more fun info.

This -N- That

So, while the country is going down the debt toilet, DC inhabitants are worried about a shutdown. Please remember: The Democrats had the House, Senate and Presidency all of 2010 and couldn't find a way to put together a budget the whole year. It reached a crisis in October of 2010, and they still couldn't do it. The Republicans in the House had a budget 45 days ago and the Dem-controlled Senate is dragging their collective feet. The Democrats need to grow up.