We the People: This Week's Polls Provide Intriguing Insight

It's been a wild (not to mention tragic) few weeks in American politics.  In the midst of the chaos, some intriguing poll results have emerged.  Here's a quick recap of some of the findings I deem most astounding/interesting:

  • According to CNN, 70% of Americans "...say that the [Arizona] incident does not make them more likely to support stricter gun control laws."
  • Overall, Americans do not blame Sarah Palin or her web site (which included the infamous target map) for the shootings.  Only about three in 10 Americans place a viable level of blame on Palin/her site (as per CNN).
  • Real Clear Politics' average has President Obama up a tick or two, with his new approval rating standing at 48.4%; 45.6% of the nation disapproves of his job performance.  While many seem fixated on his Arizona speech and the traction he's gained from that, Obama likely gained greater support following last month's tax compromise.
  • And, when it comes to health care, the nation is still divided (though, the angst over the bill's passage seems to have subsided).  In a recent AP-GfK poll, 40% of those surveyed support the bill, while 41% oppose it.