The Hillary Factor: 2016 (And Beyond)

Just when you thought Hillary Clinton had been quieted by her (historic) 2008 defeat, the media are buzzing over her future prospects. Following loosely-based speculation of a potential vice-presidential ticket placement (this is being denied on all counts), now attention is turning to her possible 2016 bid for the American presidency. This could get interesting. According to Politico,

Clinton’s political team, many of them still in exile from the Obama White House, whether in the private sector or in other government posts, remains on standby. They are also the most invested in her prospects: Their relevance depends, to a degree, on hers. One, Ann Lewis, maintains an organization based on Clinton’s massive email list. It’s called Another, pollster Mark Penn, conducted a public survey for The Hill this week that included a pot-stirring match-up of Clinton and Obama in 2012.