The Current State of Affairs and the Public’s Take on American Socialism

When it comes to public perception of late, the plurality sees the nation’s current status in a fairly negative light.  A recent FOX News poll finds that 62 percent of the American voting public believes that the United States is “on the decline.”  Only 26 percent see America as “on the rise.”

While Democrats are split (and Republicans, who are more negative regarding what is happening in the nation, lean more on the side of “decline”), the Independent take is startling – 64 percent believe the nation is “on the decline.”

While the vast majority of the country sees any move toward socialism in a negative light, only 49 percent of Democrats agree.  The “only” here may seem like an overstatement, but Democrats are the only group falling below the halfway mark on that indicator.  Furthermore, the left is continuously accused of supporting socialistic policies, thus this finding is potentially damaging to Democrats and liberals alike.  While somewhat surprising at first pass, it follows in line with popular stereotypes and, perhaps, a growing reality.