In The Polls: Barack Obama vs. George Bush

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re keenly aware of President Barack Obama’s downward trend in popularity.  To clarify, while the American people genuinely like Obama’s persona, it is his ideologically-driven policies that seem to be pushing away the American people.  Currently, the Real Clear Politics average shows that 45.4 percent of the nation approves of President Obama’s performance, with 49.4 percent stating disapproval.

Now, for the bombshell.  An August 10, 2010 poll by the Associated Press and Roper Public Affairs and Media (I worked for Roper from 2007-2008) asked respondents if they have a favorable or unfavorable view of former president George W. Bush.  In this poll, 44 percent (only two percentage points down from Obama) claimed to have a favorable view, with 54 percent showcasing an unfavorable one.  In July 2010, Gallup shows Bush coming in at 45 percent approval. Not too shabby.

Is the tide turning?  Perhaps the Democrats’ “blame Bush” mantra isn’t working.  One thing is for sure: This likely spells trouble for the Democrats in November, but unless a viable candidate emerges to compete against Obama – and soon – 2012 may have unfortunate results for those seeking to retire the president.