Keeping Focus In the Midst of Chaos

Today's "Our Daily Bread" by Dennis Fisher asks, "What is your focus today? Are you preoccupied with getting ahead and making life more comfortable?"  I typically fall into a pattern of seeking out what I want in my life.  This isn't always a bad thing, especially when my goals and wants are meshed with the Lord's.  But, if I don't take the time to consult God and to ask for his guidance, I glide down a slippery slope (unfortunately, I find myself sledding downward quite often). Fisher's entry is a good reminder that our focus should be fixed upon Christ (and, primarily, on how we can be more like him).  With this as the basis for our thoughts and actions we are exponentially more likely to succeed.

I'm not preaching here, as practicing this is a prime struggle for me.  That said, the "Our Daily Bread" piece resonates with me and leaves me thinking about how I need to keep my focus on Christ if I want to "win" in life.  Often times, I am consumed by opportunities and experiences, but I don't always take the time to ensure that said experiences are, indeed, blessings the Lord wants for my life.

As a Christian, the hardest act is remembering that, no matter what, the Lord has a plan for my life.  While I may move forward in exercising my free will, the only way I will find the proper path is to align myself with the Father's will.  I know, I know -- it sounds much simpler "on paper."  But, practicing what is preached here is essential.  Just some thoughts for you on this fine Thursday.

Be sure to read the entry and be praying for this change in your life (if you're already keeping proper focus, rock on!).