Faulkner Offers Much-Needed Hope to New York

“For the past 22 years, I have dedicated my life to serving my community as a New York City pastor and spiritual leader. I have counseled the suffering, married couples, helped the grieving, fed the hungry and have acted as a liaison between my community and the government.” – Michel Faulkner, NY Post

In Feb., Rev. Michel Faulkner officially entered the ring to compete in a Congressional race that is sure to draw national attention.  This Nov., Faulkner is challenging Rep. Charles Rangel, a four-decade seat holder in the 15th Congressional district.  Faulkner has a track record of success in truly uplifting the downtrodden.  Unlike Rangel, if elected, Faulkner won’t champion self-centered earmarks, they’ll be no ethics violations and most importantly – no pandering to the establishment.  Faulkner is the real deal and in a district with immense need.

What is perhaps most intriguing about Rev. Faulkner is his eclectic past.  While on his intriguing journey from NFL football player to college dean to pastor to his current role — Congressional candidate — Faulkner has consistently worked to improve the lives of those in need.  Unlike Rangel who is prone to ethics allegations, irrational earmarking and questionable conduct, Faulkner provides a fresh and untarnished aura.  As a representative, his background and passion would surely meld to formulate viable and effective leadership.  Unlike many politicians who enter the field for shear personal gain, Faulkner’s aspirations can be traced back to his intense faith and belief in the Almighty.  He wants to place power back into the hands of the people.

His past experience includes serving in a pastoral capacity in a number of churches, working to help the economically disadvantaged, assisting those with HIV/AIDS, serving on various NYC tasks forces, and forming his own not-for-profit that focuses on leadership development.  Faulkner’s resume shows him to be a genuine individual whose intense personal faith has bred a genuinely heartfelt duty to his fellow man.

Faulkner’s political platform is as robust and encouraging as his past works.  Aside from his unwavering belief that government should truly be driven by the American people (a virtue that Congress and the Obama administration have clearly forgotten), Faulkner champions ideals that have traditionally benefitted the most valuable areas of our society.

Take, for instance, his views on small business.  With massive government intervention and excessive spending, many fear the financial burdens that bigger government will lay on all Americans.  Anyone who understands the nation’s fiscal compositions knows that those individuals who own small businesses are especially at risk.  In a Feb. 2009 New York Post piece, Faulkner wrote:

“…we must recognize that nearly 80% of all jobs in America today are created by small businesses, and for that reason we need to reduce the red-tape and tax burden on these critical economic engines.”

In addition to his staunch support for small businesses, Faulkner also places a high value on education.  He is an unabashedly exuberant supporter of charter school expansion, as he believes that an increase in charter schools would improve the overall quality of education.  Faulkner also wrote that charter schools “…generally have outperformed public schools and stimulate a level of parental involvement unseen in the traditional public school environment.”

Countering the insane ideological deficiencies that lay behind Charlie Rangel’s pork-barrel antics (one example being Rangel’s own earmarking of $2 million in funds for the creation of “The Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service” — also known as “The Monument to Me”), Faulkner believes that American politicians should be working to reduce wasteful spending.  This is exactly the thought process that Congress needs to adopt.  Rather than authorizing laws laden with 900 pork-barrel projects (i.e. Obama’s stimulus), our lawmakers should be prudent and calculated in how they spend the people’s money.

This is only a glimpse into the life of an intriguing individual – an ordinary man with the potential to make extraordinary change in one of the most Democratic districts in the nation.  To get more information on Rev. Michel Faulkner or to donate, please visit his campaign site.  Now is the time to come together, not only for sake of New York, but also for the future of America.  Let’s take the House back — one district at a time.