Get a Job New Yorkers -- Just Like Obama!

It's practically impossible to tell the difference between The New York Times and The Huffington Post.  Aside from occasional whit (sorry “Grey Lady,” but you lose the battle on that one), the outlets mirror one another. Sure, The Huffington Post doesn't come in print (and who knows how much longer theTimes will), but the ideologically-driven content one finds in both outlets is leftist – and that’s being kind.  Today, as I was perusing the Times' site, I came across an extremely curious headline: “Job Seekers at the Library, in Obama’s Footsteps.”

My initial thought was, “Ugh, another piece praising stimulus spending,” as I figured the library was offering something flagrantly expensive that Obama and his minions had crafted (like free massages for those seeking employment, or some other irrelevant and audacious expense – think “bailout”).  Sadly, I was wrong.  After reading the article, being mad at Obama was impossible.  See, the Times had aimlessly inserted his name in an article that had absolutely nothing to do with him – whatsoever.  Misleading?  I think so. 

Here's my theory – American media haven't yet gotten over their blatant Obama fawning, which is why an article intended to educate New Yorkers about an amazing, new job-search tool invokes the president's name.  The article commences with the following lede: “Jobless New Yorkers are being invited to follow in the footsteps of Barack Obama, starting at a Midtown branch of the public library.”

To provide some context, the New York Public Library created “Job Search Central,” an excellent resource that will surely help New Yorkers find employment.  That said, how this translates into the exuberance the paper attempts to invoke in its insinuation that using said system will allow us to “...follow in the footsteps of Barack Obama...” is perplexing.

According to the Times,

“In an interview four years ago with American Libraries magazine, Mr. Obama recounted how a librarian at the mid-Manhattan branch of the library helped him locate the organization in Chicago that hired him as a community organizer in the mid-1980s.” 

The next lines read, “That was before looking for work became a predominantly electronic exercise.”

Almost in-step, the Times sort of admits that it has drawn a weak comparison between the new, technologically-advanced system and the old, no-frills job search tool (i.e. an elderly librarian, most likely) Obama used to find his community organizer position.  Then why invoke his name at all?  I’m sure librarians have helped everyone at one point or another.  Obama gets mentioned for talking to a librarian and Bush got coverage for choking on a pretzel.  Go figure.

The piece is reflective of a love-obsessed high school girl who constantly talks about her crush.  We get it, media.  You love him.  He's your golden boy.  Enough already! 

But in all seriousness, the library does, indeed, have an excellent resource for those of you out there who are seeking employment.  As reported by the Times, the library's director claims that about one-third of its 1,900 daily visitors are looking for positions in some fashion.  Clearly, the resource is extremely valuable, especially considering the current fiscal climate.

Thank you, New York Times, for the heads up, but next time leave out Obama.  Thanks!