GOP Reformation in the Bronx

In a piece by New York Times reporter Katherine Bindley entitled, "In This G.O.P., the 'O' Stands for Optimism," Bindley highlights a new, yet unlikely union: the Bronx County Young Republican Club. Upon discovering the article, I was taken aback - first, by the Times' mention of a Republican cause (although it should be noted that the article is fairly short in length, which is unsurprising; it's the Times, people) and secondly, by the formation of a Republican group in one of the nation's most staunchly liberal bastions. Alas, there is hope for New York! The piece opens with the following:

"MUCH of New York was abuzz on Tuesday evening celebrating the inauguration of President Obama in Washington. But at Venice, a noisy Italian bistro in the Morris Park section of the Bronx, an improbable event was taking place at that moment: the first official meeting of a nascent Bronx County Young Republican Club."

According to the Times, Chance Haywood is the group's chairman. A real estate broker, Haywood has delved head-first into his leadership role. Unlike some Republicans, he recognizes the necessity of captivating hearts and minds for purposes of reviving the party and the formation of this union is a first step toward doing just that. Haywood recognizes what most Republicans are just starting to confront: The need to "stem the tide" of liberal dominance. This is especially important if the GOP wants to claim local victory in future races - races that Democrats continue to win.

Let's face it: In the war of ideas, Democrats' proposals are like instant spray tan: They come on strong, then fade away quickly leaving a less-than-pleasing residue. If we step up the ante, there's no reason we can't reclaim some seats.

Luckily, Haywood has brilliant plans for the club. According to the Times, future activities may include guest speakers and community events. But, perhaps the most exciting element will be the work that the Bronx County Young Republican Club does with local colleges and universities - the localities where we are seeing liberal indoctrination take prominence. It's time to restore ideological equilibrium to America's campuses.

Importantly, Haywood also recognized a fact that is becoming increasingly more obvious as the days progress: Obama's policies might lead to a renewal and rejuvenation of the Republican Party. As per the Times, he said:

"Hopefully, this time we'll stick to our principles a little better than we did the last time," he said. "Assuming we ever get the majority of the House again."

While the GOP suffered major setbacks in 2006 and 2008, a renewal is upon us. But Haywood is right - we need to concentrate on restating, then sticking to our values. It is extremely encouraging to see Haywood and others joining together to form cohesion in one of the most unlikely localities. This is a group we are sure to hear more from; the fate of our nation may depend on such activism. Now, let's work together to create and sustain other groups like it. It's time to renew our party.