Yay, Nay or Present: Barack Obama's Insanely Maniacal Method of Jumping Hurdles to Avoid the Truth, Whilst Flip-Flopping Under the Rafters


How much longer will the American public entertain Barack Obama's inexperience? When you listen to the left's most prominent talking heads, it's as though they've been hypnotized by Big Brother, as they rabidly work to convince their fellow countrymen (and women) that Obama is the most qualified of all candidates to run for the American presidency. And while the indoctrinated talking heads dance around Obama's empty words, one wonders why they simply refuse to admit the following truism:

Barack Obama is the most unqualified candidate to run for the presidency in at least 100 years (yes, Giuliani was 100% correct when he uttered his assessment).

How much longer will Democrats insist that a man who has yet to issue one, single executive order is qualified to become this great nation's leader? It's not rocket science. Anyone who has access to the Internet can surf their way into oblivion trying to find corroboratory evidence that backs up the notion that Obama is prepared to become America's next president.

During their search they are sure to find countless mantras about "hope," "change" and "a new kind of politics." Empty words, indeed, since nothing that Barack Obama has done in the state and national legislatures reflects anything reminiscent of hope, change or a new kind of politicking.

From hop scotching his way into the Illinois State Senate to backtracking on his notion that the surge is not working, Obama has shown his inability to properly evaluate a variety of issues -- issues that are extremely important to America's future. For instance, in July, he claimed that the surge wasn't successful (he even said that he stood by his vote against it), but this week he had the following to say in an interview with Bill O'Reilly:

“I think that the surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated…I’ve already said it’s succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

Where was Obama when countless Republicans anticipated -- and yes, beyond their wildest dreams -- that the surge would be a success? If I recall, his opponent, John McCain, spearheaded the initiative. What gall this man has to act as though it is a pleasant surprise to all of humanity that the surge -- which he so ardently fought against, while others risked their political careers to champion its implementation -- is bringing victory into sight. I suppose it's easier to simply agree with public opinion polls when running for public office. Luckily, Senator McCain has a much braver spirit than that.

Most of the individuals pretending that Obama is prepared to lead have literally ignored the counter evidence, while not lifting a finger to explore even the most rudimentary documentation (how about looking at his voting record, which contains more than 100 instances in which he voted "present" while in the Illinois state legislature).

It's undeniable: if his supporters were doing their homework and looking beyond his banter, they wouldn't have so much confidence in his alleged ability to lead. And a few months ago, even his running mate (Joe Biden, for those of you who are unaware) agreed with me. And Hillary Clinton -- the she-devil in the flesh -- mirrored this sentiment when she said that the man has nothing more to offer the American electorate than a "speech he gave in 2002."

Wake up America! We need strong, experienced leadership. And Barack Obama simply cannot deliver.