Perez Hilton Takes It Way Too Far

While this is typically out of the realm of what I blog about, I find it absolutely necessary to comment on the horrific actions that Perez Hilton and other bloggers have taken in response to homophobic comments from Louisiana Rep. Sally Kern. 

Look, I’m well aware of the deep hurt homosexuals feel over her statements – and rightfully so. I can understand the reaction that would come from hearing such things, but instead of responding to Kern in a more appropriate manner, Perez wrote a post entitled “Poor Repressed Homo.” The following note appeared under a picture of Kern’s son:

“How cute is he?? That is Jesse Kern, the gay son of homophobe Sally Kern, Oklahoma Republican and state representative. Jesse has been so f***** in the head by his mom that he claims to be celibate, as a gift to God. Poor kid!”

First and foremost, get the story straight, Perez (no pun intended).  Priests and other clergy members choose to be celibate.  There is a deep religious belief that is founded upon the religious inclination that it is better to serve God than it is to become wedded to another individual.  This, again, is the basis for individuals who wish to become priests, nuns, sisters, etc.  While you and I might not choose that same path, being so insensitive to those who have is pretty disgusting. 

Interestingly, Perez chose not to research the inflammatory information he (or his staff) posted about Kern's son. Not only is her son not gay (by his own account), but he also doesn’t agree with the statements made by his mother. Had Perez or his associates researched a bit harder, they would have found the following information, reported in Tulsa World on March 14th:

Jesse Kern, son of Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, said information purporting that he is gay, which has appeared on several blogs, is damaging to himself and his family. Kern, 31, said he feels the media has a responsibility to seek out the truth, then report it…

Kern's views differ from those of his mother, although he applauds her for standing up for what she believes, and thanks his parents for his good upbringing.

Disagreeing with Sally Kern is one thing, but dragging her innocent son into the mix is damn-right evil. And her son does have a point about the damage that this is causing to him and his family. Is he a public figure? That is a question I’d be extremely concerned about if I were Perez – or any other the other bloggers who continue to slander him.

Read the following, posted by The Gaytheist:

“Now here’s the real scoop and what is probably exacerbating Sally’s virulent homophobia. Her son Jesse is a flaming queer.”

Absurd! If her son were gay and had admitted it, posting these comments would be a bit more justified. But, that simply isn’t the case. If you want to hate Sally Kerns, go for it.  I'm not sticking up for her my any means; her comments have no room in the public square.  But, attacking her son who had nothing to do with her homophobic rant is uncalled for.