Upset Because of Bush’s “Cronyism”?

This will be a quick one for the sake of common sensical inclinations, but for the life of me I cannot understand why liberals (or anti-Bushians) continue to make statements that are similar to the following:

Mr. Compassionate Conservative failed to adequately plan for the military occupation of Iraq - but he and his cronies magically planned quite well on how to make lots of money off of this war.  -BrianR

A fundamental Christian and a major Republican campaign contributor? Looks like someone needed a favor returned to him, which now explains the problems Blackwater is having in Iraq. Nepotism and cronyism have done little good for this administration while severely damaging America’s reputation with the outside world. Meanwhile Iraqis are dying not only under our watch but by our hands. -Carol Hoenig

Let’s be realistic.  If Carol or Brian found themselves in a high position of power, what would they do?  Oh, let me guess: Ignore family and friends only to secure positions and fill political appointments with total strangers — because that’s logical.

This isn’t even a defense of Bush, although it may come off that way, but it seems par for the course to give business (and available positions) to the individuals closest to the president.  Why contract out to strangers?  It’s odd to me that this is even a criticism.  If Iraq had gone well, we wouldn’t even be discussing it!

Oh my gosh, he’s a CHRISTIAN and a REPUBLICAN!  They planned the war for mere profits!  Give me a break, people.  The war has been badly mismanaged, yes, but there is no crime in "cronyism."  Clinton did it as well.  We all do it.  Most businesses are based on this model.

Just another ridiculous criticism when there are more valid points to be made.