This is Uncomfortable… (Where’s the MisterE?)

I’ve written on the unfair notions that often flow from those who oppose religion.  My latest piece entitled "Flawed Inclinations Are No MisterE" brought about quite an odd reaction from MisterE:

"I’m sorry Billy, I didn’t read your entire post because even the first few sentences are wrought with errors, misinterpretations, weird comebacks (as if you were a child on a playground), and circular arguments." - MisterE

Oddly, the first sentence of that particular piece was comprised of his own words:

“…I’m so outspoken about the positives of atheism and the negatives of religion.” - MisterE

Then, I wrote:

"We’re still waiting to hear about these alleged positives. So far, all MisterE has provided is personal opinion flavored with incessant rhetoric." - Me

So, where are the errors, misinterpretations and weird comments?  I’m confused.  I wouldn’t even claim his first sentence fit that bill, although I find it flagrant.

"You’ve yet to provide us with any evidence that evolution did not occur. Until you do so, I will not consider any new argument from you, no matter how terribly undereducated or poorly thought out it is." - MisterE

And he’s yet to provide us with viable evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it did occur.

Now, I’m undereducated.  And I poorly draft my ideas, which is interesting considering that’s the first time I’ve been charged with such a crime.  But, I suppose that’s what we do when we don’t understand the thoughts or perceptions of others — call them dumb and refuse to listen to them.

If you missed the piece, read it here.

I suppose I’m not the only child on the playground.