Sociopolitical Misconceptions (Unleashed)

I’m a Christian – and a conservative. I’m not big into labels, but at the end of the day I unequivocally subscribe to more conservative ideals than I do liberal and I’m undoubtedly a Christian – undoubtedly. It’s odd to hear Carol and company question my social and religions inclinations, though. This week I’ve been told that I am not acting in accordance with Christian “principles,” that I am not a conservative (as per MisterE) and a plethora of other accusatory remarks aimed at debunking my personal thoughts, faith, feelings, etc.

Consider the following “dialog”:

“…you’ll see me – a conservative – remaining radically open to those who embrace different ideals or who live different lifestyles than my own.” – Me

“Then you aren’t a conservative.” – MisterE

There’s an undertone of shear cockiness in his brevity. What is almost unbelievable is his inability to recognize the difference between thoughts and actions. A Christian – or a conservative for that matter can easily feel as though they do not personally agree with a lifestyle or political standing, yet still associate with those who subscribe to or live through said sociopolitical structure.

Even more laughable is the idea that I’m not a conservative. Ask my friends; they (mostly liberals) will tell you that I am. Unlike MisterE (and many other liberals and conservatives), I’ve had the opportunity to be exposed to those different from me. This experience has enabled me to meet people where they are, thus showcasing my ability to look past differences (which is what most liberals claim they are so good at, yet as per WhereIStand, fail miserably at it).

And if it’s possible – I’d like to elevate my laughter one more time by enunciating the extradition of conservative “stupidity” that MisterE so freely touts. Although, I shouldn’t be surprised. Liberal wing nuts are all about limiting free speech these days. Has anyone heard of The organization has sought to limit the press, while intimidating those who stand on opposing political platforms. Its members are doing and saying everything they supposedly stand against; so is MisterE. And let’s not forget about the NY Times price-cutter that landed that glorious anti-Patraeus ad in print.

But I digress.

“Contradictions. You are biblical-quarterbacking, which is what Carol was trying to get you to do. Too often people pick and choose versus and passages that ‘justify’ their belief in whatever, no one buys it. We all know what it is. That’s why one can never argue with bible passages, there are too many incoherent sections, directly contradicting passages, purposefully vague nondescript parts.” – MisterE

But wait, didn’t Carol engage in biblical-quarterbacking (or more appropriately – proof-texturization)? I find it odd that I’m being accused of such a ridiculous crime, seeing as Carol chose the verse and used it to ‘justify’ her stance (and without utilizing any viable sources, might I add), while I consulted a source (albeit, a Christian web site) in formulating my response.

I don’t recall invoking any verses in that piece – but am I mistaken? And when you say “We all,” who are you referring to – the proportion (79.8%) of American adults who you cited as self-subscribing to Christianity? It’s overwhelming clear – by your own standards – that more adults (yet again, overwhelmingly) would agree with my stance over your own (of course, this doesn’t validate my own thoughts, although it does hold enough power to cause a quiet alarm to sound in the distance).

And in response to my insistence that abortion is legalized genocide:

“That’s your opinion…must we agree with everything you want us to agree with? Must we believe in your religious convictions about “human life?” I thought we were free to draw our own conclusions.” – MisterE

Right, it is my opinion. I’ve never asked (or told, for that matter), anyone that they had to listen to my personal thoughts – or my faith. In fact, I regularly write and if individuals choose (as MisterE has) to read my work, then they can. Ironically, MisterE is the person who demands that we all subscribe to his own notions as he has marketed himself as the “slayer of conservative stupidity,” while promising to clear the air on alleged “Creationism confusion.” Have I ever made any similar statement regarding my goals in writing? Nope – and I don’t plan to.

I’m not here to force anyone onto my side; rather, I am here to represent my beliefs and hopes for a better America and a more prosperous world. You are more than free to draw your own conclusions  — or to refrain from reading; it’s your choice.

“How can abortion be genocide when nobody is killed? Fetuses and organic mass, with or without a nervous system, no different than a chicken fetus, is a human life? I don’t get it. Where does it end? If I wear a condom am I committing genocide? Where does human life start? Don’t you have to be a scientist to know that?” –MisterE

Actually, no. You simply need common sense to recognize that life – and it’s potentialities – are present at inception. And again (for the 100th time), abortion kills potential. Must I spell out the differences between a chicken fetus and a human fetus? For one, a chicken fetus won’t amount to more than a McNugget, whereas a human fetus possesses the potential to cure diseases – form relationships – hell, even change the world.

I haven’t spoken about condoms – so where’s the context there? I’ve only spoken about abortion – which MisterE has clearly run out of defenses for.

At the end of the day, these questions are tough – but the only way to reach common ground is to continue (fair-minded) discussion.