No Hillary, No, No, No!

Zogby claims they’ve found some interesting tidbits about voters and current  intentions considering the 2008 presidential election: Nearly 10,000 likely voters were asked, "Whom would you NEVER vote for President of the U.S.?"

For those questioning the viability of Hillary Clinton, just check out her numbers here. 50% of voters would NEVER vote for her. Even though she is rising up to 50% among Democratic primary voters; she still remains hated among the Republicans, Conservatives, Moderates, and the Swing voters. Those are the voters that are crucial to any election.

Hated?  Surprise, surprise.  Luckily, conservatives are on the right wave length — and it seems that at least some Democrats are too.  Hillary is a complete and utter nightmare in every sense of the word.  Allow me to mirror the Republican candidates at this past Sunday’s debate: "There’s nothing funny about Hllary Clinton as the president of the United States of America."  Nothing.

But what we can draw upon these results is that Hillary Clinton is largely hated by voters (50% would never vote for her) while Mike Huckabee and Bill Richardson are the least objectionable by voters. Barack Obama also fares very well in this likeability test.

I suppose we’ll have to wait to see what’ll happen.  With that said, this (for the moment) backs up my contention that Americans are sensible enough to keep Hillary out of the White House.