Flawed Inclinations Are No MisterE

“…I’m so outspoken about the positives of atheism and the negatives of religion.” - MisterE

We’re still waiting to hear about these alleged positives. So far, all MisterE has provided is personal opinion flavored with incessant rhetoric.

“Strong belief in the tenants of Christianity for example, are symptoms of a bigger problem. If someone is willing to accept the idea that a man healed people, turned water into wine, and then ascended to heaven as a ghost, then that same person has a higher likelihood of accepting other ideas without scrutiny. [That’s] how people get support for genocide, mass murders, holy wars, suicide bombings, and the such.” - MisterE

Now, interestingly – MisterE said he was providing an example based on Christianity, yet mentioned mass murders, genocide and suicide bombings – which are actually precipitated effects that result from beliefs and practices of radical Islam – and atheism (i.e. genocide). But of course, he provides us with the “holy war” example which is now centuries old. Luckily, due to my own basic research skills, we did not see the “abortion bombing” example again, seeing as this clearly holds no ground (between 1988 and 2003 less than 10 persons died as a result of such incidences).

Anyone with a research background knows the dangers of making such rash connections between horrible events and religion (solely) without considering other sociopolitical factors, but that’s beside the fact. Based on MisterE’s loose lipped, sinking shipped example, I can easily say the following:

“Strong beliefs in the tenants of Atheism for example, are symptoms of a bigger problem. If someone is willing to accept the idea that life is a complete accident and that man is simply animal – that there is truly no greater meaning to society, let alone individuals – then that same person has a higher likelihood of accepting other ideas without scrutiny. That’s how people rationalize mass murders, genocides, abortion, embryonic stem cell research and a plethora of other atrocities. After all, when life carries no meaning it is easily disposable – especially for political gain or to simply “purge” a society, as Hitler did during the Holocaust.”

But I digress.

“Christianity tries to teach people to be good, and I am aware of that. But when you seek to impose moral laws on people who don’t follow your beliefs, you’ve left the acceptable realm of private spirituality and entered the realm of religious persecution and oppression.” - MisterE

Are you aware of it? It doesn’t really seem like you are. Look at fiscal and emotional contributions that Christianity – as a whole – offers to the world. Without this support, we’d be up a creek (and without a paddle). Christianity is an amazing faith system that one must experience; it is the glue that holds individuals and society together – a binding and redeeming force that one must properly understand and experience before he or she takes the time to criticize it. Here’s the fact that MisterE fails to recognize; if conservatives don’t have their ideals legislatively regulated, then the liberals win.

The same goes for liberals; if they lose, then conservatives win. It’s easy to say that Christians are wrong for legislating their views, but if other views make it to legislation, then the individuals who stand behind those ideals win, thus “persecuting and oppressing” the mass proportion of Christians who live under said regulations.

I’m simply providing a framework that shows how flawed MisterE’s thinking is. While I did not support the bill that President Bush was seeking to ban gay marriage, I understand the complexities associated with it.

Liberals feel abortion is permissible and conservatives don’t, but the current laws favors liberals. Clearly, those on the left worked with great fervor to see Roe vs. Wade reach a successful and self-gratifying (to the left at least) conclusion. So, with this in mind – why is it wrong for Christians (or any other group for that matter) to work toward the same ends on the issues that they support or find valid? Isn’t that what America was founded on? Let the best man (or thought system) win.

The bottom line is this: There are laws that offend us all. Laws can’t possibly please every individual. Look at Congress – it’s common sense! We have liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats – individuals working to pass laws that the opposing party (and a great deal of Americans) disagree with. Abortion. The Patriot Act. The list goes on.

“You see, when someone accepts so blindly the idea of an omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent super being that watches and cares about everything you do, that someone has acted in a dangerous fashion.” - MisterE

Wait, what?  Dangerous?!

“That very same person could easily be convinced that all Muslims are evil and bad, that all Jews are wrong, that all brown-skinned people aren’t God’s children. I’m not saying that everyone who believes in God is a racist, I’m just pointing out the dangers of religious faith.” - MisterE

It’s funny. It was the Christian church that started many of the great civil rights movements we’ve seen in this country. But I can use MisterE’s same flawed logic (yet again). Consider an atheist who seems to have no Christian friends or any viable connection with anyone different from himself. He can easily accuse individuals of being stupid, having blind faith and being severely incompetent.

Or – consider an atheist who improperly accepts the fact that life has no meaning. He can subscribe to supporting abortion (modern-day genocide) and Hitler-esque philosophies due to his subjective view. But, I’m just pointing out the dangers of having no faith.

“Take evolution for example. There really is not reason not to accept evolution as true.” - MisterE

Aside from the fact that there are gaping holes that never seem to close.

“I often say that religion is fine by me as long as it remains personal and not political.” - MisterE

And I say the same thing about Atheism, but unfortunately – it’s so closely linked to liberalism (as Christianity is to conservativism) that its often dangerous (yet well-intentioned on behalf of liberals themselves) tenants permeate legislation, thus inhibiting the vast majority (90%) or Americans who believe in a higher power. It’s unfortunate.

“This is why I care. I don’t care if you believe in Vishnu, Jesus, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster… I’ll think you’re wrong, but thats just because I know better and I can live my life without unsubstantiated claims.” - MisterE

Yes, at 24 – MisterE has found the golden ticket!

“The sad part is that devoutly religious people (who are usually conservatives) are usually unable to keep their beliefs to themselves and not let it interfere with the happiness of others.” - MisterE

Right. Much like Atheists and liberals cannot keep their “faith” to themselves. It’s a cycle that everyone is guilty of. We all have opinions and inclinations, so it’s odd that MisterE can’t see that.

This is America. Accept it. Live it. Love it. And get over it.