Disgustingly Disenchanted

An individual who truly believes in the sanctity of all belief systems and in the rights and opinions of all mankind wouldn’t start a piece with the following words:

It’s sad enough that social conservatives value human life as much as they do a door knob, especially if that human has darker skin or follows the ‘wrong’ religion. But to abuse presidential power and sacrifice the liberty of others in the name of national security is just horrendously bad. – MisterE

No. A person who truly wanted to see the left and right work with one another wouldn’t illicit such inaccuracies.

Once again we must examine MisterE’s truth and juxtapose it with — reality.  In many ways, I am a social conservative, yet I do not value a Muslim’s life any less than I do a Christian’s and I certainly do not devalue persons who happen to be black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African, Native American, Vietnamese (shall I continue?)…

And, if I recall – isn’t it social conservatives who oppose abortion? I suppose that has nothing to do with the value of human life (conservatives could easily say the same thing about ultraliberals and their shear ignorance to the fact that life is precious prior to birth).

I’m not even going to touch race or ethnicity. It’s clear that this administration (i.e. Condi Rice and Colon Powell) has been open (oh, Gonzalez, too) to individuals who are not white. So, I’m confused as to where such inaccuracies stem from.

I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that MisterE’s statements are defamatory and typically hold about an ounce of truth (and that’s pushing it).

Now, I’ve heard a common fallacy many times before: Liberals hate America. Do I believe it? Of course not. With that said, I’m not sure how else to take MisterE’s statement about Bush’s America. And before I’m viciously attacked, please let me note that I do not believe that his stance is reflective of every liberal’s perspective – in fact, I truly hope it isn’t:

America really is just as low as its ‘enemies.’ Randomly abducting people, causing terror, killing, maiming, raping, pillaging…excellent. Bush’s America is just as disgraceful and ‘evil’ as Iran, Irag, Afghanistan and China (notice how all of those countries have the death penalty, just like us!). - MisterE

Allow me to remind the audience that he provides one anecdotal example to back up these outlandish claims — ONE.

My first reaction was, “Then, go to Canada,” and my subsequent mind-burst exclaimed, “Please return your degree to the Cracker Jack box.” Look, I know neither response is charitable, but what else am I supposed to think? This is a guy who appears to be well-educated – an individual who seemingly cannot see the difference between the sum of all evil present in, among and between nations.

Yes, America has her evils, but to compare our policies to those present in a nation whose government puts its homosexuals to death, whilst denying the Holocaust ever occurred, is simply deranged. One must make a sum of the rights and restrictions, mathematically figuring in the quality of life present within each country. If this were to actually be computed, America would surely come out imperfect – but this imperfection would still be better than the more affluant degredation one would find in a nation like Iran – or China for that matter. It’s simple logic.

Ultraliberals constantly complain, which can sometimes lead to positive change, but most of what was present in MisterE’s piece is judgemental and mischaracterized – the result of a truly sheltered perspective — one that is unfortunate in such a privileged nation.