The Video Hath (Partially) Arrived

Bin Laden has allegedly resurfaced. This time, he warns the American people about the dangers of global warming, criticizes the Democrats and deals a low blow to corporations. Clearly, we’d all like to see this monster be brought to justice.  His video releases are a reminder of just how horrific 9/11 was; one cannot help but pause and laugh at his ridiculousness, as he desperately tries to appeal to the American people. If you recall his last appearance just days prior to the 2004 election, you’ll remember his candid endorsement of the Democrats (a political advertisement I’m sure they lamented); “Do not elect Bush” was his sentiment. Unfortunately for the Democrats, this was anything but the endorsement of the century.

What’s so intriguing about his most recent (alleged) message is that it mirrors that of Cindy Sheehan and others who have radically opposed the Iraq War. Allow me to juxtapose some quotes:

“One should pause, think and reflect. Why have the Democrats failed to stop this war, despite them being the majority?” - bin Laden

"Democrats and Americans feel betrayed by the Democratic leadership.  We hired them to bring an end to the war." - Cindy Sheehan

“[The answer to that question is] the same reasons which led to the failure of former President Kennedy to stop the Vietnam War. Those with the real power and influence are those with the most capital. And since the democratic system permits major corporations to back candidates, be they presidential or congressional, there shouldn’t be any cause for astonishment – and there isn’t any – in the Democrats’ failure to stop the war.” - bin Laden

"The Democrats also are allowing a meltdown of our republic by allowing the evils of the executive branch to continue unrestrained by their silent complicity." - Cindy Sheehan

What’s ironic, is that both Sheehan and bin Laden mirror one another; both are severely let down and hurt by the Democrats’ inaction on Iraq and both wanted (and continue to want) the Democrats to stop this “senseless war.” Will bin Laden be challenging Grandma Pelosi for her Congressional seat as well?  Let’s hope not.

In his video, after attacking the West for causing and sustaining global warming, bin Laden leaves us all with this warm and fuzzy message:

“To conclude, I invite you to embrace Islam, for the greatest mistake one can make in the world and one that is uncorrectable is to die while not surrendering to Allah, the Most High, in all aspects of one’s life – i.e., to die outside of Islam.”

I’d hate to be around post-mortem bin Laden when he meets Christ and realizes that murderers and hate-mongers don’t get to pass “Go” or collect $200.

Not only is this most recent (alleged) message an illustration of just how much faith bin Laden has lost in the American Democrats, but it is also a testament to how twisted this murderous, monstrous, atrocious excuse for a human being is.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that it’s imperative that the next American president take a firm stance against terrorism (Republican, much?). If I were a Democratic Congressman/woman, I’d also be highly concerned by the fact that bin Laden actually wanted my party to win in 2004. And let’s not forget the loss of faith in the Democrats that both bin Laden and Sheehan share.

Think about it. Bin Laden, who wants nothing more than to annihilate every freedom-fighter, Jew, Christian and – American, and who wants more than anything to see our troops exit the Middle East, sides with America’s ultra-liberals – so much so, that ultra-liberal Senators and Representatives have actually disappointed him in their inability to end the Iraq War! If that’s not disconcerting, I don’t know what is.

Let me “Etch-A-Sketch” it out for you: bin Laden wants America out of the region so that he can set his own radical Islamic agenda. And the radical liberals were his only hope; they were the only ones (until recently) pushing Bush to exit Iraq. Luckily, things haven’t gone according to bin Laden’s plan.