Military Best at Ending War?

With Petraeus’ testimony before Congress on progress in Iraq, come many questions. On Monday, the New York Times tackled an issue many have overlooked as debate surrounding the war has ravaged on: Who do the American people most trust to bring an end to the War in Iraq? The lead says it all:

Americans trust the military commanders far more than the Bush administration or Congress to bring the war in Iraq to a successful end, and while most favor a withdrawal of American troops beginning next year, they suggested they are open to doing so at a measured pace…

The results that lie at the base of this article are from a poll conducted by the latest CBS/New York Times poll. Clearly, the American people have a dearth of confidence in both Bush and the Democratically-led Congress. I’ve written about the ineffectiveness of this Congress many times before. Must I mention that Congresses’ approval rating is currently at its lowest point since the Democrats took power last year (and it’s lower than Bush’s; go figure).

Tragically (for Bush, at least), only five percent of respondents stated that they most trusted him and his administration to resolve the American-led War in Iraq. Congress fared better, but nowhere near the percentage range a regulatory body should rec, as 22 percent of respondents said they most trust Congress to resolve these matters.

Overwhelming, the American people have decided to trust the American military, with 68 percent of respondents claiming that they trust the armed forces to find a successful solution to the Iraq debacle.

I have to say – I am immeasurably proud of the sensibility of the American people. Since day one I have been advocating that we listen more to our men and women on the ground – those individuals who endure the painstaking daily occurrences in the war-torn region.

Overall, the Democrats have demonstrated a lack of ability to understand and process what our servicemen and women have been saying: It’s essential we stay; it’s essential that we finish the job.

Clearly, we need to set a schedule for withdrawal, but the calls for immediate removal of troops and the ultra-liberal sentiment that we must focus on the motivations for the war as evidence against staying are absurd. We made the mess; now, let’s clean it up. It’s a pleasant reminder of the democratic values our republic holds when we are able to see an overwhelming majority of our nation’s people supporting those men and women who we’ve bravely asked to defend us.

Maybe the ultra-liberals calling for an immediate pullout should listen to their fellow man; common sense should be the motivating force and I’m happy to say that this is precisely what lie at the core when considering peoples’ choice to support the military as the best option for reaching success in Iraq – pure, unadulterated common sense.