Iranian Maniacs (Unleashed)

First, they provided weapons to militants inside Iraq, then they denied that the Holocaust occurred and now – they’re threatening the Iraqis. This “they” I am referring to is not the Iranian people as a whole, rather it is their rogue government figure-headed by a madman and controlled by the Wizard of Oz himself – Mr. Ayatollah Khomeini. If you picked up a recent copy of the New York Times, I’m sure you read the article entitled, “Iranian Warning for Iraq” (although it was conveniently hidden six lines above the bottom right-hand side of the page), then you now know that the Iranians – upset over a number of issues associated with militants in Iraq – are now threatening the nation. And it’s convenient, seeing as progress has been slowly unrolling in the war-tattered nation.

In a sharp escalation of a dispute over border fighting, an official Iranian delegation at a diplomatic conference here warned that if the Iraqi government could not stop militants from crossing into Iran and carrying out attacks, the Iranian authorities would respond militarily.

And, in a twist of paranoia, this same government (which has supported terrorists inside Iraq, assisting them with the accumulation of weaponry) is charging the U.S. with sponsoring groups in the Kurdish North who are allegedly waging attacks on Iranian territory/interests.

Oh, but Iran has already begun shelling the Iraqi side – in fact, they started doing it weeks ago, which has further displaced innocent Iraqis and their families. While Iran was careful to claim that they would “invade,” they made it clear that using military force would not be out of question in terms of curbing the insurgents who are allegedly attacking their interests.

Read more:

Iran has continued to fire shells into northern Iraq despite protests from Baghdad, threatening relations between the two neighbors, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari said on Thursday.

Iraqi Kurdish officials have complained about cross-border shelling since mid-August. Cross-border skirmishes also occasionally occur as Iraq’s neighbors Turkey and Iran battle Kurdish separatist rebels operating from bases in Iraq’s mountainous northeastern region of Kurdistan.

But maybe I’m wrong about the Iranian government.  I suppose we should believe them. After all, Iranian officials have been so forthcoming about the Holocaust and it’s validity – and let’s not forget about the British soldiers who were illegally detained in Iraqi waters and treated oh so well by the Iranian government (while being held captive and while being forced to lie to media, exclaiming that they’d been treated wonderfully).

But, you’re right leftist wing nuts: George W. Bush is after them for no apparent reason. Their government is innocent! Heaven forbid we consider and accept the fact that Iranian government officials actually stated that they’d like to see Israel obliterated. That George Bush should be ashamed of himself, making up these atrocious rumors!

Exit sarcasm.

Iran has been a problem since 1979 and will continue to be a problem until someone seriously deals with the nation’s deranged leaders. They’re building nuclear capability and all the leftist wing nuts can say is, “Look, Look! G.W.’s trying to start another war!”

Wake up. Clearly, I’m not advocating we attack Iran (that’s absurd), but let’s cut the bull and start some serious dialogue instead of blaming George W. Bush for everything. After all, wasn’t Carter in office what these demons started their international bullying?

I find it ironic that at the beginning of the War in Iraq these same wing nuts said, "Hey, George W. is after the wrong people.  He’s ignoring North Korea and Iran and they’re dangerous!"  Suddenly, when the heat gets turned on, tunes have changed to: "Oh my gosh!  George Bush loves starting wars!  Quit picking on the Iranians!"

I just don’t get it.

Trust me.  Paying close attention to Iran (i.e. nuclear capabilities they’ve built up) will indefinitely be essential to Americans’ safety at home and abroad.