Giuliani: All About Preparedness?

Giuliani is all about preparedness! Last week, he intensified rhetoric and stepped up his “Twelve Commitments” – a series of proposals that he is using to illustrate his lofty goals for America.

“At a campaign stop in Pearl, Mississippi, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliana promoted his plan to help every community in the nation prepare for terrorist attacks and natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina…”

I’m actually quite happy that someone is taking these issues seriously, considered that America lost two towers in 2001 and an entire city in 2006. Terrorism and natural disasters are pinnacle to this upcoming campaign.

With this said, I often worry that Giuliani has been given too much credit for 9/11 and his handling of the situation thereafter. Did he truly move mountains as many seem to believe through their enthrallment with both Giuliani and his policies? While I believe that he handled the situation with great care, I’m not sure that this makes him an expert on terrorism/natural disasters.

I’m waiting to hear more about his presidential plans. I’ll need to see some solid proof before I can accept him as the end all, be all in the fight against terrorism.