Extra, Extra! The Religious Are Heathenistic! (As Per MisterE)

MisterE proudly released the most simplistic thesis I’ve ever read: “…to infringe upon another’s freedoms is immoral.” Ender calls it, “Brilliant. Masterful. Exquisite;” I call it a recipe for disaster. Now, before I pit-bullify this swiss cheese of an assertion, let me first say that what I am about to write is not in any way about homosexuality (the issue that MisterE continues to tout in each of his columns); I will, however, be speaking about his thesis and its inapplicability to, well – everything. Not only is his thesis a horrific example of relativistic inclinations, it’s also dangerous and simple-minded (I hate using such a degrading word, but I’m not sure how else to characterize it). If that statement were left to stand as a backing for society as a whole, murderers, thieves, and other degenerates would have a hay-day running amok. After all, if we intervene to stop them, we’re infringing on their freedom, right?

Now, I’m well aware that MisterE was speaking more about legalities; I’m simply beginning to drive home a point: His thesis isn’t well thought out, nor does it prove any of the text that that accompanies it. Sure, MisterE’s a relativist – a real ultra-liberal – until he confronts the religious – then, he’s so conservative that he makes Cheney look like a tree-hugging abortionist.

God says homosexually is wrong. I believe that reason is quite clear. God made sexual relations to be between one man and one woman in a marriage relationship. He obviously knew that different combinations/situations would cause pain, suffering, sorrow and heartache. - Paul

This is the statement that Paul made that has MisterE totally and utterly up in arms. Apparently, this brief assertion is total and utter proof for the lack of morality among the entire body of Christians. Not only does MisterE continue his slanderous stereotyping, he now assumes that every Christian agrees wholeheartedly with what Paul wrote (this is not a criticism of Paul, rather it is a statement that is illuminated by truths much greater than those falsities and anecdotal examples MisterE provides us with).

The fact of the matter is that this issue – homosexuality – is much more complicated than either MisterE or Paul make it sound (and this is not a criticism of either side, rather a truthful response to a topic that has been stratified and presented outside of its entirety).

The point is, Paul is acting immorally. He seeks to impose his lack of understanding of homosexuality onto others, forcing gays to become a second class. But Paul, and the religious right, try to justify their bigotry by claiming that homosexuality is a choice, so it shouldn’t be awarded. But trying to convince oneself that something must be true (in spite of endless evidence to the contrary) so that your hatred or discrimination towards them isn’t based upon how someone was born but a choice they made is immoral in itself. - MisterE

Now, MisterE is our moral compass.  Perfect!  Look, I may not agree with the manner in which Paul presented his thoughts on the issue, or with his opinions at large (I’ve never chatted with him about it, so I don’t really know where he stands), but isn’t stereotyping and labeling someone you’ve never met immoral as well?  Isn’t lumping every "conservative Christian" into one group an "uneducated" method of conducting social research (or commentary for that matter)?

Let’s hold MisterE to his own standards. If we take a few of his quotes from various sources, he can easily be labeled a bigot, discriminatory – oh yeah – and immoral. Allow me to pull a few proof texts of my own (these items are either discriminatory or lack solid footing):

Why don’t they [conservatives] get it? Because they’re too worried about their sons being gay and letting people die of diseases than to really understand their own country.

The ultimate enemy of the United States is the social conservative.  - MisterE (Classy)

The same is true for abortion. You ban abortion, and all of your favorite white bred christian girls are going to be getting back alley abortions with coat hangers, and developing infections and dying, thanks to the conservative incompetence act of 2008. - MisterE

People without religion are just as, if not more ‘moral’ than their religious counterparts. Consider the reasons for doing nice things. When a Christian does something nice or kind to another , he/she does so because they think that that will keep them on the track to heaven. When an atheist does something nice or kind, its simply for the benefit of mankind.  - Mister E

The slayer of conservative stupidity, creationist confusion, and all other problems our world faces. - From MisterE’s profile (describing himself…)

In fact, since the bible has been interpreted so many different ways throughout history, it makes you wonder what viability if any it really has. Certainly one would need to be foolish to take the book literally, but one would simply need to have a spark of an idea in their mind to take the book as a green-light for whatever they want it to be. - MisterE (I wonder how many times he’s actually read the Bible?)

Now, I doubt any Christian readers of mine would agree to saying that they hate Muslims because their religion is evil. But I know that that sentiment exists, maybe in the back of the minds of my readers, maybe not. Maybe only in conservative fundamental Christianity.  - MisterE

In the past, conservatives have gone to pretty atrocious extremes to promote their weird no-sex agenda. Are these guys upset at the idea of people being more happy and free sexually than they are with their weird prudish and frightfully uptight sex lives? Doing it through the sheets? - MisterE

Wait, wasn’t MisterE a relativist?  If that’s not infringing, I don’t know what it.  Sigh.  Typical.