Discriminatory Measures (Unleashed)

This one is practically unimaginable. In Houston, a policeman has been suspended after distributing a “Ghetto Handbook,” with the following subtitle: “Wucha dun did now?” As you can imagine, the officer’s cultural compass was clearly demagnetized.

The eight-page booklet…was handed out to about 15 Houston Independent School District police officers at a May meeting, district spokesman Terry Abbott said. Officials declined to identify the officer who handed them out, but said he had been ordered to attend diversity training.

It took three months for word to reach district heads (mid-August). The book allegedly provided a brief lesson in Ebonics and claimed that it would educate readers on how to speak as though they had just emerged from the “hood.”

Luckily the district responded, but it seems as though there is deep dissent as to how the officer should be dealt with. Many feel that his “slap on the wrist” simply isn’t enough.

“These are very racially-sensitive times. It was a huge mistake in judgment.” – School board member, Larry Marshall

You could say that again. How culturally insensitive can one be? Both discrimination and the reverse thereof shouldn’t be tolerated in our society. We’ve come so far; and while we have a long way to go, these instances impede the evolutionary process.

Consider that last year, 30 percent of the district’s 202,000 students were African Americans, with an additional 60 percent of Hispanic descent.  While the officer thought his antics would be funny, they were actually quite hurtful and degrading.

Discrimination – in all of its forms is truly a no-go.