Clarifying Some Misconceptions

While discussing religion, MisterE always goes out in left field, making up accusations and claiming that I’ve said/done horrific things.  But, if you search my past writings you’ll quickly find that there’s nothing at all that backs up his claims.

Your upset because I challenge your faith to the extreme, demanding you provide me with a good reason to distrust women and hate homosexuals. I understand that this is threatening to you and your faith. - MisterE

Please, MisterE (or anyone else for that matter)…can you help me find a piece in which I’ve discussed homosexuality?  Not only do I love everyone (including people who happen to be gay), but I have never even written on the topic!  Unbelievable.  Quit stereotyping Christians; while some people illicit hate (which is immoral), I have not and will never do that.  And, I rather like having my faith challenged; I don’t feel threatened…

I guess you’ll have to ask my fiancé why I distrust women…are you even hearing yourself?  I don’t distrust women; I dislike abortion, as do most Christians.  Where’s the connection again?

I will not be led blindly into the night, I will not have the wool pulled over my eyes. I’ve never claimed that Christianity is wrong and incorrect because Christians are stupid and bad. The words I use are descriptive, but come with a negative connotation, such as when I refer to God as a mystic creature. You see that as bigotry when I see it as words. God is an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent intelligence that is not human… he is mysterious and inhuman… a mystic creature. Don’t get mad at that, don’t be upset that your faith can be compared to superstition.

Um, no.  I get offended that you demean people who don’t believe in "Nothingness" — people who believe with their hearts and souls that there is a greater Good, that Christ exists.  I think it’s pretty pig-headed to constantly refer to everyone outside of your own social box as inferior because they choose to believe that life holds purpose.

Even Paul and BooMac admit that they cannot prove or argue logically for the existence of God, therefore you have to accept appropriate terms for such beliefs.

Well, I’m not Paul or BooMac.  I respect them and agree with them to a degree, but at the end of the day the evidence points to questions and answers that you simply refuse to accept (and I’m sure they’d agree).

I’m not "mad" and I don’t dislike you.  I don’t even know you.  What I do know, however, is that using issues to attack me that I’ve never written on is cowardly and unfair.  I pulled a number of discriminatory quotes from your past writings.  When it came time to defend yourself, you published an excerpt in which I promised to provide evidence for creationism, but have yet to (apparently a Cardinal sin in your book).  Are these actions (or inactions, rather) even comparable?

I look forward to more healthy debate, MisterE.  But, please correct yourself on the homosexual issue.  That was simply uncalled for.  And if you’re a man of truth, you will.