Bush For Educational Reforms?

It seems President Bush and Nancy Pelosi can agree on one thing: their care for America’s young people seeking opportunities for higher education.  A new law that Congress approved and Bush signed will make college more affordable for low-income and middle class students:

The new law achieves a goal Bush shares with lawmakers: boosting aid for needy students. The action allows both the Bush administration and Congress to say they have done something to ease the burden of paying for college, a popular political priority.

The legislation boosts the maximum Pell grant, which goes to the poorest college students, from $4,310 a year to $5,400 a year by 2012.

It also cuts in half the interest rates on federally backed student loans — from 6.8 percent to 3.4 percent — over the next four years.

While Bush originally had some qualms about the legislation, he eventually came around:

"Pell grants send an important message to students in need," Bush said. "If you work hard, and you stay in school, and you make the right choices, the federal government is going to stand with you."

Pelosi even said she was "pleased" with Bush’s actions!  Imagine?  Let’s hope for more bipartisan initiatives in the near future.