A Response to Tenure in heaven

I am going to answer this very complex post with some quick words: Being "Saved" is more than simply accepting Christ. It yields an entirely different person, who — over time — becomes renewed in mind, body and soul. To step away from this very vague description, it means, in basic terms, "accepting Christ." It’s more than words, though. It is a realization that Christ died for one’s sins and it is an honest decision not only to accept that God is the Creator, but to admit faults and to allow Christ to guide one’s path.

It’s a lifelong commitment — not simply words stated, then disregarded. Christians should continue on their path and keep on studying the Bible, interacting with other followers and always looking to understand more about God and the world that they are involuntarily a part of.

I can’t answer to the frustrations parents have when their kids make decisions that they disagree with, although this is an issue for all parents, whether they are Christian, Muslim or Atheists for that matter.

It’s not a matter of getting one’s kids "Saved" early on, although most Christian parents hope that their children will follow the Lord for their own sake, rather it is a matter of allowing Christian children to grow and evolve in their own personal relationships with Christ; it’s an individualistic process.

I believe Christians fall away, but that they inevitably come back. This is not to say that their actions in the process of the fall away are excusable. They aren’t. The Christian heart can come around again full circle, but that is between his/her heart and God. With that said, their un-Christian actions during the process cannot be ignored or labeled as okay or “Christian” for that matter.

Paul said:

Christians who desire to please the Lord won’t willfully sin and fall into the possible consequences. Everyone will still sin, but I am talking willful sin (disobedience) here.

Clearly, he is stating that one cannot murder or even willingly live life opposite the instructions presented in the Bible.  The idea is not that an individual can do whatever he or she pleases, rather the thought process indicates that once the heart has truly commited to Christ — and this committment is true and pure — that the individual may fall away at moments, but that he or she will not lose the gift of salvation that has been granted.

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