Right Back Atcha: A Letter to the Confused

In response to "A Letter to the Confused" … Dear Jillian Garrity:

Thank goodness I have you to educate me.  And to think, I was so silly to have wanted to know why scientists greatly differ in opinion about global warming.

As "misguided" as I am with a "low scientific knowledge base" it’s wonderful to know that a young woman like yourself is so willing to assist me in better understanding the world.  Please, write us more messages!  Enlighten us!

But I still can’t help but wonder why some scientists aren’t buying it.  Would you be willing to add a piece to your FAQ’s on this?  Please hurry.  Without your guidance we’re sure to falter.

Signed, Misguided American

(Jillian, I’m only teasing.  I think it was a valiant effort, although I’d avoid phrases like "misguided American," as it may seem utterly offensive to anyone you’re seeking to educate.  As I’ve said in pervious posts, I believe global warming is happening; I’m simply not sure how positive I am that people are at the root cause of it.  Thanks, again — and I mean that)