Flatten Iraq? Then Build a Wal-Mart? WHAT?!


"Hey Billy! I’m about as liberal as it gets. Let me explain something to you. I don’t give a damn if every Iraqi dies tomorrow. Nuke the place and built a Wal-Mart and poison the ragheads that shop there…One more thing. Osama Bin Laden has 53 siblings and living parents. I would execute them one by one on national TV until he surrendered." - Pghremodeler

Not only is that not liberal, but its inhumane – clearly. After posting my piece on Iraq, I was more than startled to see these comments posted on my blog. Not only is it a horrific thought that someone would claim that these actions are allowable (even if he wasn’t really advocating it; using it as an anecdote is equally distressing), but it is even more upsetting that this is the mindset that governs the evidence for his ideologies.

The writer also mentioned that America should hold every member of bin Laden’s family, killing them one by one until he surrenders. But, doesn’t he believe that it was wrong to enter Iraq, instead of going after bin Laden? Wouldn’t going after bin Laden’s innocent family members be just as unethical as attacking a nation for “no reason?” So, aside from unrealistic, this is a bit counter indicative of his other stances.

Instead of providing unneeded publicity to those words (although I will give him credit for admitting that “towelhead” was taking it a bit far), I am going to say this: Whether you were for or against entering Iraq at the time of the invasion, we have a responsibility.

I know I’ve said this before, and I’m not entirely sure what this responsibility is; I can’t define it bit by bit. What I can say is that this responsibility entails making things right – to say the least. I was accused of utilizing “doublespeak” when I mentioned a possible victory of hearts and minds in the region – which is more than an improper testament to what I was stating.

I believe that this war can be won, but not with the use of weapons. With this said, our soldiers may need to continue involving themselves in military operations until the Iraqis can cope well enough on their own. Simply stated, America cannot turn her head from the disaster that has been created in order to save her own military personnel. America needs to own up to what has happened and realize that we owe stability to the Iraqi people.

Doublespeak would be claiming that Iraq is a horrific bloodbath that the U.S. should have never been initiated in the first place, while advocating that we leave immediately, with full knowledge that the bloodshed will not end (and may actually intensify) after our departure.

I don’t like thinking about our soldiers perishing anymore than the next guy, but I certainly cannot place American lives over the lives of any other ethnic or religious groups.

I supported intervening and removing Saddam Hussein. Do I think the world is a better place without him? Yes. Do I believe that Iraq is? No. America needs to fulfill that promise of freedom that was once offered to the Iraqis – especially if she ever plans to show her face again in the global forum.

Leaving Iraq may save some American lives for the time being, but the cost to Iraq – and throughout the Middle East will be grave, indeed.