Evolutionary Antics (Proof is in the Pudding)

Every American knows that one is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law . This is, in fact, the “law” that governs American law (at least in the ideal sense).  With this said it is important to note that science, like law, is governed by certain inalienable laws. When these laws begin to blur, lines cross and rules are broken – as they often are in evolutionary theory – I can’t help but wonder how and why such antics are justified. It’s as though evolutionary theorists and their supporters accept partial data that would cease to stand in any other discipline, let alone a courtroom (or a lab for that matter).

As you know, in the court of law when evidence is found, useful facts can be formed. But without a complete comprehension of the subject at hand, a full-proof conclusion is often difficult — sometimes impossible — to come by. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is the usual tenant. So, is evolution – in the macro sense – accepted without a reasonable doubt?

The logical answer is no; evolution, in fact, is overtly debated and very much under fire. In the micro sense, however, agreement can be made by most individuals, whether they be atheist, agnostic or Christian for that matter.

So, how is it then that this macro-theology has become such a massive phenomenon? If science is governed by law and logic, I’m speechless as to how so many individuals can accept the theory without questioning it – and without even picking up a scholarly book or article on the subject.  And I’m even more speechless that when these individuals do, in fact, research the subject at hand that they stop short of realizing its gaping holes.

Understanding the faith behind Creationism is tough. God gives us just enough proof of his Intelligent Design and His inherent plan for our lives; faith handles the rest (and this isn’t as simplistic as some would like to make it).

There are always going to be doubts; without doubt faith has no role. And this is not “blind faith” as many have insinuated, rather it is a very personal understanding of facts and figures which show us that the universe – and people in particular are the design of that Higher Power.

Delving into proof of Jesus as the Son of God is an entirely different and elongated topic to say the least — but there’s plenty of proof to back that statement up as well.

And as I’ve said, science and faith coincide more than many scientists would like to admit (don’t forget, there are Christian scientists who do not accept evolution). Creationism is a theory with a very specific framework, depending on the beliefs held within (they vary).

Presenting this theory in its entirety is not only responsible, but it also provides a base understanding for youth who will enter a nation in which half of the population embraces such ideologies. If we’re all about making our youth informed and prepared, than how can we continue to leave Creationism out of our curriculum? Embrace it or not, but it’s a theory that deserves equal time and presentation.

And don’t worry MisterE, the proof — and the pudding will be coming very, very soon.