Divided We Fall (And Hard)

“Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand” – Matthew 12:25

I can still remember the feeling of total and utter unity. It was the first – and the last time that I can truly recall feeling no divisive pressures weighing down on our society. Those first few weeks following 9/11 were a time in which Americans set down their differences and took a united step forward.

As a nation we were crushed, but tragedy as it often does, created a connection that is so rare within and among nations that it must be remembered and reflected upon. Before 9/11 and afterward political pundits on both sides launched attack after attack on their opponents – fellow Americans.

I’ve said it before – I’m a conservative. I truly believe that there are many societal issues that have come from good intentions gone array – certain policies that have not helped our people, but initiatives that have actually led our society down the wrong path. I believe that there are many pieces of traditional life that are worth preserving – many would, and have, disagreed.

And I embrace diverse ideas, but when I see words such as those present in MisterE’s profile, “The slayer of conservative stupidity,” the frustration that overcomes me is immense. And it would be the same if it said, “The slayer of liberal inadequacies” or some other hateful and degrading word play.

It’s one thing to disagree with a political party or a set of ideologues, but to openly call someone “stupid” is weak. At the end of the day we’re all Americans. And while I could not disagree more with certain liberal sociopolitical policies I would never call an opponent inept of unintelligent.

Each and every American, whether liberal, conservative or in the middle, believes that his or her ideas and policies will lead to a more fruitful tomorrow. At the end of the day, we all want progress; we simply disagree as to which road should be taken to reach our goals. For that sole reason I am unable to disavow or demean any good-hearted individual.

What I will do, however, is to provide facts and ideas in an effort to convey my own personal hopes and dreams for America. And while imagining this "ideal America" I can see a nation filled with understanding individuals who listen at least as much as they speak – a nation that feels even a quarter of the brotherhood we found after that horrific tragedy. That’s my American Utopia.