Democratic Demise (And Other Fairy Tales)

The Democrats took power promising to change the situation in Iraq, but seven months later this alleged revolution-to-be has been nothing short of stagnant. I said this following the 2006 campaign and I’ll say it again: the Democrats won the election not because they were the “Democrats,” rather they won the election because they were not the Republicans. The public had grown weary of the war and other redundancies coming from Bush and associated Republican leaders. For this reason – and this reason only, the public voiced its need for change, but seven months later this same public seems even less content with its Democratic Congress.

Perhaps Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said it best:

“They managed to achieve an astonishing thing, which is to have the lowest approval ratings anyone can find for Congress in history and have it done in a record short period of time of about seven months.”

As they leave for a month break, Congress is exiting with lower approval ratings than Bush himself, although this has been the case for some time now; surprisingly, the media have finally decided to report on it. Yes folks, the American people are more disenchanted with Congress than they are with George W. Bush. Astonishing, but not all that surprising.

Beyond being sick of the Republicans in 2006, the public seems to be vastly tired of partisan rhetoric in general. This has clearly extended to the Democrats as well. What I find even more intriguing than their lowered approval ratings, however, is their continued push to end all U.S. operations in Iraq.

“We are going to continue our push to change course in the war in Iraq.” – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

The Democrats plan to create quite a scene when U.S. Iraq General David Petraeus reports to Congress in September. In this attack, the Democrats hope to thwart Bush’s Iraq War policy. But, what if the surge continues to show progress? What if things turn around? No, say the Democrats; it’s all irrelevant.  This war must end.  Period.  This I find both ironic and disturbing.

The Democrats have had a clear partisan initiative in place: End the war and bring the troops home. In fact, they aren’t even open to a possible win. It’s unconscionable. The Democrats (mostly those who are very far left) had lost the war for the U.S. well before the situation turned ugly on the battleground. The lack of support and continued insistence that America accept failure in the region has characterized their party; their inability to make good on these botched promises has led to a self-inflicted demise.

The left does not seem the least bit interested in fulfilling a moral responsibility to the Iraqi people. That, unfortunately, is the most horrific tragedy in this continued political saga. When and if we do prematurely exit, we’ll not only have destroyed an ancient culture but we will have left a high-tension region in total and utter disarray.  Apparently, that’s okay — just as long as we don’t lose any more of "our own" people (as if the Iraqi lives are worth less).  Simply abominable.