Connect the Stem to the Cell (Seriously. It’s Common Sense)

Stem cells are wonderful – as long as the word “embryonic’ doesn’t precede the word “stem.” Over the past two years, there has been a significant amount of media ambiguity surrounding this very hot topic. So much so, that the general public seems vastly confused as to what “stem cells” actually are (or, rather where stem cells originate from). When Nancy Pelosi endorsed stem cell treatment by stating that it has “the biblical power to cure” (an attempt to appeal to conservatives and their enthusiasts), I remember thinking just how clever that statement was. After all, one of Pelosi’s main goals upon entering her newfound highfalutin Congressional seat was to expand federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

In an attempt to dupe the American people, she left the “embryonic” part out. This, like the media ambiguity we’ve seen, is a dangerous method of manipulating the circumstance of understanding among the American people.

Stem cell methods vary; unfortunately for Pelosi, embryonic stem cells carry minimal promise (and these are the cells she wants to use to cure our sick). Most people are so misled by what the media shows (and I don’t think that this is intentional, rather it is not a topic that is adequately illustrated through mainstream sources for a number of reasons that I will most likely highlight in a "media" piece at a later time) and what the Democrats tell them, that they don’t realize just how powerful (and more promising) umbilical cord stem cell research, amniotic sac cell research and other such methodologies are.

But don’t take my word for it. Take Cameron’s:

Cameron has a condition called optic nerve hypoplasia. It’s caused when the optical nerve doesn’t grow properly before birth. He’s one of five children in the world to receive the umbilical stem cell treatment.

The reason it took a $15,000 trip to China to get these results isn’t clear to Melissa [Cameron’s mother].

"Seems like the U.S. is the only place not doing it," said Melissa.

She says doctors in the U.S. told her there was no hope for Cameron’s eyesight. She says they were wrong.

"It took a needle and a couple of tubes and it was done. Thirty minutes - that’s all," said Melissa.

Basically, U.S. doctors were listening to the static messages being omitted by ultra-liberals:

"Hold on!  We’re almost there!  As soon as we can perfect killing potential, we’ll be able to use the left over cells to cure your son.  It may take some time, but hey — what’s a few more years?  Use current methods that don’t kill an embryo you say?  Why would we do that?!  For now, your son’s case is hopeless.  We’re going to "stay the course" for once, providing false hope to millions of sick people!" - Misled Doctor/Embryonic stem cell enthusiast

For some reason, some senseless Democrats have already (stubbornly) decided upon pouring federal funds into the embryonic stem cell extravaganza, instead of seeking out more bilateral (and more effective) means of curing inflictions. These methods have been proven to work, whereas embryonic stem cell research has shown only that the cells are too sporadic to engage in any useful conformity. When will this madness end?  Hopefully before people like Cameron and his parents lose hope.