Clean Inhalations (Unleashed)

I’ve been breathing a whole lot easier since New York City banned smoking in indoor public spaces. Not only do I find cigarette smoke repulsive, but I worry about the negative effects others’ habits may have on my loved ones. America is far behind her European sisters in adopting smoke-free zones. On July 1, 2007, England took the plunge and made smoking illegal in indoor arenas.

According to BBC News,

The ban includes all pubs, clubs, membership clubs, cafés and restaurants.

With good intentions in mind, Britain is looking to improve public health. After all, second-hand smoke damages the lungs and bodies of those innocent bystanders who find themselves immersed in unwanted fumes. I’m all for allowing people the ability to damage their own bodies, but when it comes to public health concerns, it’s time we crack down.

The [British] government hopes the ban, which began in England on 1st July, will help smokers to quit as well as protect people from the dangers of passive smoking and discourage children from taking up the habit.

Ireland is another nation to have enlisted a smoking ban. So, with all this awareness, why is it that America finds itself so far behind? A ban cannot come soon enough. How much longer can we let this public health concern loom?