A Doubtable Offense?

To expound upon RyanW’s, "Doubt can be Part of Faith," I believe that there is much to be said.  Particularly in this short, yet concise statement:

"If you have no doubt about anything then you probably don’t have a thorough understanding of what it is that you have faith in." - RyanW

Too true.  When I read MisterE’s writings about the faithful, I can sense his overwhelming inclination that people of faith (or conservatives for the matter) blindly follow their belief structures motivated by mere stupidity.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Sure, some people may follow blindly, but the majority of those individuals of faith I have met are constantly reaffirming their beliefs with research in pursuit of better understanding.

Doubt is and must be an integral part of faith.  I have never been one to blindly accept ideas, no matter who presents them.  After going through journalism school I learned the ins and outs (and the importance) of finding the true meaning behind issues, or at the least searching for viable evidence to back up my beliefs and thoughts on religious, social and political issues.

When it comes to my own faith, I have encountered many questions — many doubts.  In these instances, this doubt has motivated me to seek answers so that I could better understand the textual (Biblical) or philosophical issues at hand.  Doubt is healthy and when acted upon leads one to a more solidified place in his or her faith.

And as RyanW said, doubt leads directly to the self-education of both the heart and the mind.

I truly believe that God sometimes gives us doubt so that we can learn more about our world — and our Creator.