A Commander’s Call (Unheard by the Left, As Usual)

When I stumbled upon this article I simply shook my head. At this juncture, I’m pretty sure that there is nothing good or beneficial that could happen in Iraq to make liberals change their minds. In sum: we’re losing this war whether we like it or not. I’ve written before about my disconcertion regarding the left’s continuous attack of anything pro-Iraqi progress. Now, before I am attacked let me say that I’m not blind to the loss of innocence along with the other horrific occurrences that have resulted from this war. If you’ve read me before, you know that I’m more than fair in this area.

But at the end of the day, even in light of any sort of progress, most liberals simply want to give up. And it’s no surprise. Can they really be faulted; we’re all experiencing war exhaustion. But when considering the moral move to make, it just doesn’t seem right to leave the mess we’ve created.

Also let me say that in my heart I do not believe that this war can be won militarily; this meaning that in the traditional sense of militarism, this war cannot and most likely will not end with the traditional white flag surrender. If we are to win it must be done through the captivation of hearts and minds – a process that will take an elongated U.S. commitment. This is where I diverge from most liberals. We need to give the Iraqis the time they need to reform.

This past week, Army Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch, a U.S. commander on the ground had this to say regarding the situation:

“Only when the Iraqi security forces come forward and say, ‘Ok, here I am, I’m trained and equipped, I’m ready, I’m the Iraq Army or I’m the Iraq Police,’ can I turn those sanctuaries over, and that’s not going to happen between now and Christmas.”

Can someone (and please feel free to comment) explain to me why the left continues to refuse Iraqis the right to time – and enough time for them to restructure their commerce and infrastructure? We’ve poured billions into this nation and we’re willing to simply exit, leaving a mess behind that we not only created but that we wish to pass on to a people who will indefinitely be unable to cope.

We need to give Iraq more time to reshape all that this unfortunate nation has lost.

“Time is necessary for the Iraqi people to gain confidence in U.S. and Iraqi troops throughout their neighborhoods, get the commerce and other quality of life improvements to take hold, enable the weak political structure a chance to improve and exploit the counterinsurgency opportunities that success is providing from this effort.” – CNN analyst and retired Army official, General David Grange”

It’s common sense that leaving this war-embroiled nation is the wrong step – one that the U.S. and the world will regret for years to come. I’m sure that some Democrats will ignore this warning, as they have every other call from U.S. commanders on the ground.

I suppose seeing the situation first-hand gives no credibility to those brave men and women who are in the heat of the turmoil. It’s typical; the ultra-liberals want an easy way out of a situation that’s anything but, well – easy.

More to come.