The Left’s Attack on Creationism

Nothing drives me crazier than the Creationism versus Evolution debate, and why? Mostly because it’s unbelievable to me that so many liberals who pride themselves on being so intelligent and open-minded can work so feverishly to implement an immediate shut-down to the beliefs and holdings of a massive portion of the American population. I believe in Creationism. There, I said it. Ha! Not only do I believe in Creationism, but I also believe that it should be taught as scientific theory in public educational institutions. Gasp. Now, after reading Carol Hoenig’s piece entitled, “Unflattering Exposure,” I’ve got plenty to say.

For starters, I agree that Linda Tripp (oh I’m sorry, we’re way past the Monica Lewinsky scandal) should receive better treatment and that uttering words like “belong in hell” is not right or recommended. Something along the lines of, “well this is what Christians say” or “this is what the Bible tells us” would have been more appropriate, I assume.

At any rate, where Carol really gets me steamed is in her mention of “proselytizing.” It’s typically the biggest reason that Creationism cannot be taught in school, but here’s the thing. If proponents of Evolution can proselytize young children everyday with bogus or uncorroborated science, why can’t children have the chance to hear the opposite perspective? If neither side is taught as ultimate truth, then what’s the problem?

When Carol wrote, "If the youth pastor wants to bring the Bible into his lesson plan, he should then consider teaching at a Christian school. Meanwhile, perhaps he should study the US Constitution so that he knows how not to violate it" I wanted to scream.

Why can’t I simply say the opposite — that an atheist or a non-Believer should be forced to head off to a school of atheism to teach his or her banter?  I simply cannot understand how "freedom of religion" turned into "only the liberal perspective."  Carol, one in three Americans is an Evangelical Christian!

This doesn’t even include the Catholics and other members of the faith-based community who not only believe that God created the world in seven days, but who also regularly worship the Lord — people who would like their children to receive a proper and well-rounded education.  But apparently that’s not practiced here in America.  In the U.S. the atheists impose a Stalinistic structure that creates such a beautiful Orwellian aura.  Sigh.