The Bore Factor [Continued]

I find the need to clarify my purpose in writing the previous Al Gore entries. To begin and to answer the bloggers who scriptfully detested my words, my purpose was to introduce the inclination that global warming may be occurring, but that it may not be caused by human activity. With this said, I am not a staunch supporter on either side of the spectrum. And to answer critics – no, my political opinions are not influencing my middle-of-the-road stance. Unlike most of the individuals commenting on this topic I’ve read countless documents and opinions from both sides. So get reading you critics! Isn’t that what liberals are all about – taking every side into account? Hmm…

I said it once and I’ll say it again: We need to create a healthier and more sustainable environment. My criticisms of Bore lay in his inability to find a middle ground. At the end of the day it’s unimportant whether or not we agree or disagree that human beings are the cause. Even the rightest of them all who believes that human beings are not to blame should agree that the environment is important and that we must work to make it cleaner and more habitable.

Let’s also remember that oil dependency is a huge issue. If we’re so worried about terrorism, let’s free ourselves from foreign powers (although we only receive less than one fourth of our oil from the Middle East; still, relying on countries like Venezuela can have implications down the road).

Even the rightest of them all would also agree that self-sustainability is the safest way to go. So, in sum: let’s develop cheaper, alternative fuels. Either way, no matter what you or I believe regarding human causes, the movement toward these more efficient energies is essential.

Get it? As far as Bore and his cronies go, I see An Inconvenient Truth as a way of further dividing the nation down the middle. Why create partisanship when there is an opportunity to forge partnership? With that said and politics aside I bid him cheers for at least inciting dialogue.

So, before I close let me ask you this: Are cows the cause of global warming – well, some scientists believe they’re part of the problem. And what about Greenland? It was once a desirable land to reside?! If these articles possess any truth, then the global warming debate must continue. At the end of the day we all need to settle on a middle ground. Fortunately, this issue enables us to reach the same environmentally beneficial conclusion.