My Hatred for Bore?

Okay, so BrianR — a fellow WIS blogger — decided to write a post in response to my Al Bore piece.  To begin, I never said I was totally decided on the global warming debate.  I’m not.  I believe that I specifically indicated that.  So… Not only did you miss the point of my piece, but you decided to take it a step further, acting as though my Al Bore/Internet comment was something of greater worth than sarcasm.  It was a joke, although I do think the man’s a few carbon dioxide’s short of a gaping ozone hole.  Moving on…

Brian, there are a great many scientists who question global warming contentions.  With this said, there’s no reason for me to box sources and get all giddy.  The point I was trying to make is that we all should have a stake in making the environment more inhabitable and ensuring that it is fully sustained for the future.

Take a look at Al Gore’s own energy bill (and no, not legislation introduced by the former VP/senator…his home energy bill).  While I understand the need to heat and electrify his ginormous mansion adequately, even he cannot escape utilizing fossil fuels.  But I know how hard it can be to practice what we preach (and that’s not sarcasm).

The bottom line is this: Gore should be working on bi-partisan initiatives to draft environmentally-efficient methodologies based on common ground.

We all agree that we need to protect the environment — that we need to make the air healthier to ingest.  Instead of book tours and press, maybe Gore should spend some time actually working on alleviating the problem through dialog.  Isn’t that what liberals are all about anyway?  At least they used to be anyway.