Media Mayhem

Why does everyone seem to dodge "media bias?"  It’s as though the mere mention of any slant, whether it be to the right or to the left is deemed either unbelievable or simply overstated.  I have my B.A. in communications and media and throughout my studies I can’t tell you how many times I heard professors and students glaze over the subject, acting as though conservatives who brought it up were simply overreacting. But, then came FOX News, and It’s insane to me that these same people who brushed off bias, suddenly loathed the network.  And why?  Because it possesses a bias — a right-wing slant.  Media bias, when brought up by conservatives, was always brushed under the table.  Since FOX is so blatant about its political stances it tended and still tends to incite a greater deal of opposition from the left.

The one fact I always keep in mind is that people run the media.  Yes, I know — it’s quite a revelation.  In every field — whether it be medical, the social sciences or politics for goodness sakes, humans take stances; we have biases.  I’ll never understand why journalists believe that they can instill a self-fulfilling superhuman status by reporting the news and leaving their views and subconscious biases out of their work.  It’s literally impossible to look at the world from an objective standpoint all of the time.

It’s always been my contention that journalists should share their political stances.  If the public knew where a particular newscaster or writer stood on the issues, he or she may be more comfortable knowing what frame the news was being set in.  Sure, we can all try as hard as possible to be open to all sides, but the windows through which liberals and conservatives view the world provide very different views.  I think it’s time for America’s newsrooms to wake up and work to better balance the persons working within.  After all, balanced news comes from balanced views.