Is the U.S. more safe from terrorism today than it was before 9/11?

This subject has been the focus of American politics for quite some time now.  While many on the left feel that Iraq has made the world a more dangerous place and that the resulting anti-American sentiment has placed the U.S. in a compromising and dangerous position. Here’s my take.  Before 9/11, we thought we were safe, but clearly we weren’t.  Clinton paid more attention to Monica and golf than he did foreign affairs, leaving his successor with a horrific situation that has defined and most likely ruined Bush’s presidency.  Don’t get me wrong.  I do believe that Bush, like Clinton, has made plenty of mistakes.  For one, he isn’t an expert when it comes to appeasing other nations; in fact, he’s terrible at it.  I would be the first to admit that tragic mistakes have been made, but at the end of the day he has secured us — on the home front at least.

Think about it.  The Bush administration, love it or hate it, has foiled more terrorist plots than Clinton has had extramarital affairs.   And trust me, that’s some accomplishment!

Last year, I was on a flight to D.C. and I was seated next to a U.S. marine.  We spoke about politics and the war, as he had just come back from Iraq.  I remember him playing with his baby daughter as we spoke.  He told me that he supported Iraq for one simple reason: It took the war off of American soil and brought it to the Middle East.

To him, success meant letting our servicemen who are prepared and trained in combat fight these forces that business men and women innocently working in a major American city cannot combat.  In his mind America was safer as long as we ensured that the terrorists stayed off of our soil.  He looked at his daughter and said, "I want to know that she’s safe.  And the best way for me to do that is to know that the war’s being fought there, not here."

This was an interesting thought and one worth noting.  Thus far, American soil has remained safe since 9/11, although I’m a bit terrified to see what will happen when our troops come home.