Flat-line Liberalism at its Best

Look, I’m a conservative. With this said, I can see outside of the Republican paradigm that often prevents conservatives from realizing the errors and missteps their mainstream political party has a tendency to make. As much as I dislike hearing Michael Moore illicit half truths, presenting them in small packages of alleged gospel with a side of stretched-to-the-max, his voice must be heard. And why? Because this is America. The land of the free — you know the drill. But what about Ann Coulter? Well, it’s simple. She needs to just shut the hell up. Right? Wrong.

What I’m about to write I’m sure will cause a stir, but it must be said. The left’s inability to accept anything not in line with its political agenda is an attack on democracy and a stab our forefathers’ backs. And before my leftist friends blow a smock-stack, I will say that it’s not just liberals; conservatives can be intolerant too (in fact, this is a statement liberals make on an all-too-regular basis, without ever examining their own treatment of righties).

As political tensions rise, I see the left increasing its attack on the right. Clearly, Bush’s high (cough, cough…gag) approval rating is causing political respondents to lash out, but where are the true bleeding heart liberals who believe in the freedom to well — believe — the new age hippies who hold an inherent belief that America is all about diversity, healthy political dialog and the like? In the anti-Bush, anti-conservative movement they are virtually non-existent.

I can’t tell you how much blatant disrespect and devaluation of anything un-liberal I’ve seen in recent months. It’s as though anything conservative, pro-Republican or in opposition to the liberal agenda is viewed as a total and utter abomination. Recently, I was told that anyone who voted for Bush was basically an uneducated baboon. Is that liberalism at its best? I think not. Statements like this are simply not right; they divide with only hatred and resentment standing to conquer.

The fact is that a true liberal must be open to all sides — even Bush’s. That’s liberalism. How can one create and foster a pluralistic society with a singular mindset? It’s totally and utterly impossible.

I value all opinions, and while I may not agree I can say that at the end of the day we all want the same thing — we simply have different ideas about what needs to be done to reach our goals. With that said, true democracy depends on there being a place for both Moore and Coulter, not just Moore. Got it? Good.