Diplomatic Dem’s

Look – I’m typically the first person to complain about Hillary. She’s pompass, obnoxious and power-hungry, but when compared to Barack Obama, she’s a breath of fresh air. Wow, I can’t believe I just said that – anyway… If you watched the CNN/You Tube Democratic debate or if you’ve skimmed the news these past few days you’ve most likely caught wind of the Clinton vs. Obama debacle. To recap, during the debate the candidates were asked if they would meet with leaders from Iran, Syria and other nations the U.S. has had negative relations with.

Obama took the question before Hillary, stating that he would meet with these leaders – and without mentioning any provisions. He cited Bush’s lack of communication with world leaders and presented himself as the remedy to the alleged “problem.” His response was so quick and surfaced that I was taken aback. How could a presidential candidate simply agree to meet with world leaders without condition? Sure, if the situation were to be plainly stated and laid out I’m sure diplomacy could take form, but this wasn’t the case; it was a surface answer to a surface question.

When Hillary took the mic, her quick wit (as much as I hate to admit it) grabbed the audience, engaged viewers and coincidently made Obama look like a toddler. Hillary, unlike Obama, said that she could not promise to meet with dangerous world leaders. She said that she did not want to be a propaganda tool and that the necessary conditions would have to be set before delving into such a situation – an ideal and logical answer.

Hillary’s response was structured and showed her true skill at spinning any topic or question in her favor. Hillary’s right; we can’t go around the world engaging in diplomacy if we’re the only side interested in actually making progress. Before meeting with Iran or Syria, we need to be sure that the meetings taking place will lead to progress, not exploitation of American leaders or of the United States as a whole.

I truly believe in diplomacy. The Democrats are often too willing to “drink tea with the terrorists” as I like to call it, while the Republicans are sometimes too closed off and stubborn (particularly Bush) to seek out ways in which our nation can connect with others. Now is the time – more than ever – to truly ignite communication.

After all, isn’t that what globalization is all about? Hillary, I don’t favor you at all, but your answer was stellar. Obama – come on, man!