Creationism Criticisms (Part I)

So, my contention that creationism should be taught was well received – cough, cough. I’ve taken the time to read through the comments and articles that were written in response to my opinion piece. I’d say the most enriching article was the one in which my beliefs were called “disgusting,” but there may be some rivalry between that comment and the one in which Terry L. called me ignorant. The votes haven’t been counted, but they’ll soon be tabulated and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Here’s the thing; I’m not going to engage in a pointless attack against those who attacked me. What I will do, however, is to provide some responses to the more academic and viable questions and comments that were made.

As far as MisterE’s comments go – you’re factually off base. Evolution has and continues to be questioned – and whether you choose to believe it or not, it is questioned quite seriously. Have any of you ever taken the time to read a historical account of evolution? The theory has consistently questioned and contradicted itself. You can read volumes upon volumes of theory-gone-bad with a whole slew of revamping. Sure, you can attribute all of the change to new discoveries, but at the end of the day the changes in evolutionary theory are truly a matter of science forcing findings and theories to fit into a larger pre-designed schema.

Lee Strobel – a noted journalist and investigative reporter has had extensive experience covering this topic. Hundreds – probably thousands of books have also been published on creationism as an alternative to evolution — and as universal truth. You mean to tell me that none of these books are serious enough to provide even a base questioning of the theory of evolution? You’re dead wrong.

And as far as the contention that science has rejected creationism – well, yes, many scientists (a great deal, in fact) have, but there are many who have not (more on this to come in Part II).  Robinson published an article in which he cited the fact that there are no peer-reviewed journals that discuss creationism. Hmm…wrong again.

You have all mentioned “facts,” but as I recall evolution is theory. In fact it’s called The Theory of Evolution. Creationism, if it is merely a philosophy as most of you contend, is equally a “theory.” If we’re truly teaching our children “theories,” then leaving creationism out doesn’t seem very fair now, does it? And to address other faith systems…the world’s three largest religions all share a similar creation story. So, where’s the dilemma in sharing these beliefs with pupils?

The Pew Research Center (non-partisan) found that 67% of American respondents feel that the left has gone too far in removing God from society? So, if this is a true representation of the U.S. – which I believe it is, you’re all in the minority.  And if 64% of those surveyed believe that creationism should be taught in schools, then clearly someone is questioning strict evolutionary teachings. And to answer Terry L., in many ways atheism is a religion. It takes more faith to have no faith at all than it does to accept a higher power. Atheists follow their own creed and share similar belief systems – evolution being just one of them. The structure that binds and secures atheists is similar to the structures that unite various religions. Plenty of books have been written on the topic.

And Persimmon, nobody is testing or collecting data on creationism? You’re wrong as well. Creationism is based on a belief system, as is evolution. You’ve all fallen into a similar trap – you’ve plainly stated that evolution is fact, which it is not. As said, it is theory. And it’s not that churches are weak in teaching children about God and creationism, it’s simply the fact that schools should not have the right to undermine what parents teach their children. With evolution being pushed with no other theory offered, this is exactly what is happening; schools are acting as the parent and presenting information that for the majority of the nation does not match up to the ideals and values instilled at home.

Part II will have plenty more I assure you — including evidence and scientific theory (and yes, science and creationism mesh).