Cindy Sheehan Just Won’t Stop

The news was like a sweet symphony to my ears!  Sheehan had finally thrown in the towel – then, without notice the gleeful sounds broke to expose yet another one of her obnoxious attempts at political prominence.  Yes folks, Cindy Sheehan, the war mother who has so patriotically pranced the globe in opposition to George Bush and the War in Iraq, has decided to come out her her two-week old retirement to announce that she will run against Grandma Pelosi in 2008.  I kid you not. Even more perplexing than this horrific announcement is her contention that George Bush must be impeached — immediately.  In fact, she is so upset that she wants to run for a Congressional seat!  Now, I’ve heard many liberals ramble on about impeachment proceedings, but this proclamation teamed with her incessant desire to take Grandma’s spot on Capital Hill is completely and utterly mind-boggling.

Look, when the Democrats took the helm I was a bit terrified — and rightfully so.  While there are some highly competent Dems out there, the ones who typically make headlines and waves (Kerry, Clinton, Pelosi, etc.) are all talk, no action.  And that’s just what we’ve seen since ‘06: All talk mixed with some improper, rather pointless moves, both vocally and legislativally.

Never before in my life have I seen Congress hold more "You’re not to boss of me!," aimless, meandering votes in an effort to let Bush know who’s boss!  Yes, we get it, the Democrats are upset about Iraq, but after non-binding resolution after non-binding resolution you’d think that they would take the time to work on something worthwhile.  Instead, they simply sit around, like Sheehan, blasting Bush and dreaming up a more liberal America.  But, I digress.

Anyway — back to Sheehan.  A month ago or so (maybe more, maybe less) I was jumping for joy when I read her official "retirement" announcement.  Honestly, it was amazing.  Then, yesterday Yahoo! was the bearer of bad news as I read about Cindy’s comeback tour and her latest threat which goes a little something like this: "Nancy!  Proceed to impeach Bush by July 23rd or I’m running against you in 2008!"  Grandma’s scared, I’m sure.

Impeachment is not only an obnoxious waste of time one year before an election, but it’s also a "get even" attempt by Democrats who simply cannot accept that Clinton was graced with such a dishonor during his presidency.  I’m sure the more liberal Democrats will jump right on board.  Hey, at least it would give the perception of accomplishment, considering that not much has happened since the Dems took office.  After all, the Democratic Congress has an approval rating that’s currently lower than the president’s.  Imagine that?  So in sum, VOTE SHEEHAN!  Not.